How Does Physical Disability Affect A Person’s Mental Health?

Physical disabilities can have a profound impact on a person’s life. Today we are going to take a look at how it affects a person’s mental wellbeing:

  •   Human beings are social animals, but that doesn’t stop us from concentrating on individualism. Society has a big role to play in shaping our outlook toward a variety of things. Persons with disabilities are often treated in the wrong manner which causes them to develop suicidal thoughts and tendencies. News of persons with visible disabilities facing discrimination in public places is not rare. Often the general public displays a different attitude towards persons with disabilities which can inflict mental strain on them and coerce them towards a life-threatening depression.
  •   People having severe disabilities cannot participate in social life or get out of their houses freely. At times, inaccessible infrastructure might force them to live an isolated life. Myths about disability also induce an invisible wall around these people which pushes them away from society. If a person with a disability remains isolated and lonely for a long time, then they are bound to develop mental health problems.
  •   Readily accessible mental health care is not always available for persons with disabilities. It might always be possible for people with disabilities to visit a mental health professional. At times, there might not be adequate infrastructure whereas sometimes the support from the caregiver is not adequate. Social stigma can also act as a blockade in the path of a person with a disability to seek help as necessary. Mental health professionals can stress out a person with a disability by sharing their own stigmatizing beliefs about the person’s disability. This is why it becomes imperative to seek out the best possible healthcare facilities although that might be heavy on the pocket. Professionals at Gallo, Cazort & Co. Law Firm can help you with rightful compensation if your disability was caused due to the negligence of others so that you don’t face any troubles dealing with the towering medical expenses. 
  •   Often disabilities require frequent medical attention and can cause immense pain. These painful treatments lead to traumatic stress. Prolonged hospitalization stays can make a person feel lonely by breaking their social connections. People often make the mistake of focusing on pain relief and physical comfort while ignoring mental health. This lack of integration of medical facilities prevents persons with disabilities from getting the holistic care required for their quick recovery.
  •   Unemployment is considerably higher in individuals with disabilities. Their life maintenance costs are also more which can cause poverty and extreme stress both for the person with a disability and their family. Since these people have to deal with physical pain and poverty at the same time, it is very obvious for them to feel depressed beyond measure. In such a scenario, the last thing that comes to their mind is getting treatment for mental health.


The combination of a physical disability alongside a mental health issue can stigmatize a person and even isolate them. You should take care of your mental well-being if you wish to keep your body healthy and recover better.


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