How Does the Start-Stop Battery System Work?

Depending on the system you choose to run, the automatic engine starts/stops the battery system is one of the most elegant components of your vehicle. A well-designed system will keep your car running smoothly without much effort. However, it can be a little complicated to understand how it works.

The automatic engine starts/stops the system.

Depending on your vehicle’s model, you may have an automatic engine of start stop battery system. These systems help keep your engine warm and avoid emissions violations. The system works by monitoring the battery’s temperature, battery voltage, and current draw and then ensuring the engine is started when you need it.

One of the main advantages of this technology is that you don’t need to spend time with your car idling. Some models have been shown to reduce fuel consumption by 10 per cent. The engine will also keep the interior of your cab warm when it’s not in use.

During an engine stop, the computer will also monitor the brake pressure. The system will shut off the engine if the pressure is insufficient to hold the brake pedal down. It prevents engine failure. However, if the brake is applied with the engine still running, the system will give you a command to restart.

AGM batteries

Almost all North American vehicles with Stop-Start technology have AGM batteries. This battery design delivers superior cycling and cranking power while providing improved durability.Unlike flooded lead-acid batteries, AGM batteries do not leak acid. Instead, the electrolyte is absorbed by a thin glass fibre mat. This mat is also a damper to reduce vibrations.

AGM batteries can power power-hungry accessories such as GPS navigation, large audio systems, and heated seats. They are also compatible with regenerative braking systems. These systems redirect energy from braking to recharge the battery.AGM batteries are also suitable for high-end fuel-efficient vehicles. That is because they have a long life and are maintenance-free. They also deliver a higher power output than their counterparts. AGM batteries are also more weather resistant than flooded batteries.

EFB batteries

Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFBs) are a type of car battery. These batteries are specially designed to withstand many starts and stop cycles, allowing your vehicle to be fully powered for extended periods.EFB batteries are often used in vehicles with basic Start-Stop systems. These systems use an automated system that shuts off the engine and shuts off the exhaust gas pollutants when the vehicle stops.

EFBs are one of many types of batteries used in Start-Stop vehicles. Several manufacturers have developed batteries specifically for these vehicles. AGM batteries are commonly used in higher-performance vehicles, while EFBs are used in lower-performance models.AGM batteries offer an advantage over EFBs, such as improved deep cycling and charge acceptance. However, EFBs offer other advantages, including faster recharge, improved service life, and excellent cyclic durability.

Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFBs) also have the benefit of being less expensive than VRLA batteries. EFB batteries are typically used in start-stop vehicles and vehicles that don’t feature regenerative braking technology.

Tandem solenoid systems

Various types of stop-start battery systems are used in cars. These systems are meant to cut down on fuel consumption during heavy traffic while at the same time reducing emissions. Higher voltage electrical systems back the latest stop-start systems.When it comes to starting, these systems are designed to be faster than conventional starters. However, they can only do so at a certain speed. The system will not engage the pinion gear if the engine speed is below this limit. However, when the speed is above 180 rpm, the pinion gear will engage and start the engine.The Tandem Solenoid (TS) Start-Start system is designed to reduce the restart time by about 1.5 seconds. The system consists of two solenoid components, one to energize the motor and the other to engage the gear.


These systems are designed to reduce the number of stop-starts by about six per cent, which should help reduce fuel costs in city driving. However, technology is not without its drawbacks. In addition to disrupting the car’s battery drain, these systems can also increase engine wear.AGM batteries are maintenance-free, low self-discharge rate battery that delivers a high power output. They are also suitable for deep discharge applications. In addition to being vibration proof, they are also spill-proof. It makes them ideal for stop/start systems.


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