How drain snaking is done and if you should do it?

Blocked drains are the worst not only for the fact that water will remain where it is without flowing in a consistent fashion and the smell but generally the mess of it all is what’s off-putting for many people. Generally, there are ways using which you can check whether or not your drainpipe is intact and being able to unclog the drain on your own. Some of these ways include using hot water, others using a mix of industrial and home-based cleaners while the most permanent solution that you can think of is to use the drain snakes. 

What is a drain snake?

A drain snake is usually an auger cable that is made of steel or some other compact material that not only has some rigidity to it but can be placed within a drain due to the length and maneuverability it does provide you with. Usually to unclog a drain you will have to use a drain snake which will push all the debris and stuff that has been clogging your drain along so the water can move freely and thus unclogging the drain for you. There will not be any bad smell or water pouring from the sides after that as you will notice.

How to use a drain snake to unclog drains?

Well, to use one you will have to buy one and when you have a drain snake in your hand the rest becomes exceptionally easy. You can use the following guide or set of points to come across the drain cleaning using a drain snake;

  1. First of all, you have to uncoil the drain snake and then push one end of the snake into the drain usually the broad one as it will help you to push it along. When you have entered one head into the sink or the drain that is blocked, keep on holding the other end and start turning the handle on the drum that will contain the coiled-up snake.
  2. Keep on pushing the snake into the drain until the moment you start feeling some kind of resistance. You might have to turn the handle again for the auger to tilt and the far end of the drain snake to escape the resistance. Once the far end is past the blockage everything will be alright as you can now keep on adding pressure until the clog gives out and is not anymore. 
  3. Keep rotating the drain snake against the blockage until you do feel that there remains no resistance and the snake can now move freely into the drain.
  4. If on the other hand the twisting does get better and you don’t feel the auger rotating anymore then the likely scenario is that you have hit the blockage and if you start letting the drain snake out then you will see it coming out with the drain snake.

On the other hand, if you feel like this process is too hard for you or didn’t prove beneficial then it is advised that you hire a dedicated company or service regarding clogged drain Toronto and get out of this problem.     


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