How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Near Me Can Help Treat Chronic Alcoholism and Depression

How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Near Me Can Help Treat Chronic Alcoholism and Depression

Did you know that most people diagnosed with a substance use disorder (SUD) also suffer from co-occurring mental health or behavioral disorder?

For example, if you have depression, you’ll likely get drawn to alcohol as a way of self-medicating your irritability, insomnia, and feelings of helplessness. When this pattern goes on unchecked, you’ll likely develop dual diagnosis- a term used to describe when a person is experiencing both mental health problems and substance abuse.

Fortunately, you can treat dual diagnosis effectively by following an integrated treatment plan that simultaneously addresses your alcoholism and depression. This treatment plan is called dual diagnosis treatment, and you can find a center that provides the service near you.

That said, exactly how will a dual diagnosis treatment center near you help treat chronic alcoholism and depression? Let’s find out.

1. Clear Your Body off of Drugs

Detoxification is often the first step of a comprehensive recovery plan to help cure alcoholism and depression. During this treatment phase, the treatment center embarks on eliminating alcohol from your body using various approved means.

Once the process is finished, you can choose to get into an inpatient or outpatient treatment plan to continue with your recovery journey.

2. It Can Offer Inpatient Rehab Care for Serious Cases

Can I get inpatient rehab care at dual diagnosis treatment centers near me? Absolutely.

Depending on the severity of your dual diagnosis, you might have to check yourself in an inpatient rehab center to get round-the-clock supervision and care. This option is especially ideal if you have battled co-occurring depression and alcoholism for several years or have recently relapsed.

Inpatient centers near you will offer necessary therapy sessions, support groups, and medication-based treatment to manage your alcoholism and any underlying psychological issues such as depression.

3. It Can Provide Outpatient Rehab Care to You

If you prefer to receive treatment for depression and alcoholism while still going about your everyday professional and personal life, you can definitely opt for outpatient rehab at a dual diagnosis treatment center near you.

This form of treatment usually requires you to visit a rehab facility regularly over several weeks, participating in different therapy programs and support groups.

With the guidance of qualified personnel in an outpatient rehabilitation center, you’ll gradually

learn how to tackle and eventually overcome your depression and alcohol abuse problems.

Should I Visit a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Near Me? Visit a Center Near You to Start Your Recovery Journey

If you are battling co-occurring alcoholism and depression and have been looking for a solution, you can set yourself on a path to recovery by visiting the nearest dual diagnosis treatment center.

Remember, there is no single way to treat a dual diagnosis. Usually, a comprehensive recovery plan is the best way to manage co-occurring alcoholism and depression. These plans will entail all of the above strategies as well as other necessary aftercare programs.

Take the initiative as soon as possible to make a positive turn and resume charge of your life.






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