How Eco-Friendly Packaging Can Help Your Business

The packaging industry is one of the most profitable businesses in the world, raking in a whopping 71.6 billion USD in 2020 alone, with a huge portion of that profit going directly to the hospitality industry and more specifically, food packaging. These figures are only set to increase with the ever-growing rise in both the world’s population and consumer demand.

With the undeniable effects of Global Warming reaching irreversible damage points, manufacturers were forced to look at the materials they use in packaging a lot more carefully. Gone are the days of Styrofoam burger boxes and plastic one-use cups that have choked our wildlife for decades, replaced now by sustainable packaging made from reusable plastic, metal, cardboard, and paper alternatives.

Consumers have become highly aware of their individual environmental impact and the choices they make, the majority is now more inclined to purchase products made with sustainable, eco-friendly methods, ingredients, and packaging. Cafes, restaurants, and even the major food chain restaurants are taking notice of this and changing the packaging their food and drinks are served in and even eaten with. Wooden knives, forks and spoons replace unbiodegradable plastic ones, cardboard and metal straws, and even the bags they place your order in are now 100% reusable or recyclable.

It has become easier than ever to turn your business practices around to benefit more than just your pocket, and below I will discuss why you should switch to eco-packaging and the long-term impact such a choice will have for the environment, and for your business.

What Is Eco-friendly Packaging?

Non-biodegradable packaging has been polluting our waterways, overloading landfills, and harming our environment for decades, and the time to fix that is now.

Eco-friendly packaging (also known as sustainable packaging or green packaging) involves the production and use of biodegradable, sustainable materials and practices that are safe for the environment and for humans. Companies now produce nontoxic alternatives for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to package their goods made from renewable sources such as bamboo, corn starch, cellulose, wheat straw, and wood pulp.

Packaging boxes that meet strict environmental standards are now made of sustainable products such as corrugated packaging made from plantation trees and other corrugated products which can be remade up to 10 times. Other sustainable materials are hemp, corn starch, bamboo, and sugar cane.

These packaging products will biodegrade (break down) into the ground, leaving no toxic residue, and will help reduce landfills.

Why Is It Good for My Business?

Not only will switching over to eco-friendly food packaging help the environment but it also draws in new customers who are more aware than ever of their own personal environmental impact. Marketing your business as being eco-friendly shows customers that you are actively attempting to reduce your environmental impact, a move that is imperative in the modern market where saving the world has become a priority.

Eco-friendly packaging isn’t as costly as most believe and can even save your business money through reduced shipping sizes, minimized material usage, and reduced waste disposal costs. Not to mention the profit you will make from making your business a leader in the fight against global warming and having a step up to your competitors who may be a little behind in their green efforts.

Simplicity is the design that helps reduce your company’s carbon imprint and shows consumers you mean business when it comes to saving the planet and reducing your carbon imprint. Plain packaging has become the new ‘in thing’ showing that your brand can succeed and grow without the extra need for printing and ‘in your face’ ad campaigns.

To top off all the positives, your café, restaurant, or bar will be far more sought after when the customers know you are doing your bit for the environment. Saving the planet has become cool (extremely necessary) and eco-friendly packaging is your way to achieve that status.


Protecting the environment has never been more important than it is today, and it is now possible for every café owner, restaurant owner, and even retail food giant to find more effective ways to make, package and distribute their products without adding to the problem.

There is a range of manufacturers producing eco-friendly packaging nowadays, all willing to work with businesses just like yours. Friendly consultants can work with you to establish an entirely eco-friendly system that benefits the environment, your customers, and your profit margin.

The only way to help the planet is by working on a mass scale to reduce our carbon imprint before it’s too late. Switch to eco-friendly packaging and join the global campaign against pollution and global warming. Be a step ahead of your competition and save the planet at the same time, it’s the ultimate package.


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