How I Got Rid Of My Man Boobs: A Real-Life Experience

As a man, we all admire and think of great physique and when we talk about the physique, the chest is one of the most important muscles that add a lot of weightage to the overall look of a healthy male. Today, we are here with a story of a male, who underwent gynecomastia surgery to treat his moobs (commonly known as man boobs). The condition is caused when the male breasts swell and become large due to reduced male hormones or increased female hormones. The details of the person in concern are mentioned below:

Name: Abhinav

Age: 26 Yrs.

Duration of problem: 12-13 Yrs.
Address: Delhi NCR


*Disclaimer – The experience mentioned in the article below is shared as quoted by Abhinav.

In Abhinav’s Words (Just After the Surgery):

I still remember being one of the most active teenagers among my peers. If I put this my way, #EatLessPlayMore was my daily mantra. In 2008 when my family relocated to Delhi NCR, I had no friends in the city, and suddenly my whole approach of staying physically fit changed. I stopped going out to play, started staying indoors, playing video games. I soon got hooked to the new mode of sports and spent hours inside the room without physically doing anything. It was then that I started gaining weight. Fat deposits started accumulating around my chest; it looked puffy and weighed heavy too. For the first year, I did not take it seriously. Almost everyone suggested that I take care of my body but I was too lazy to make efforts. But when my chest visibly became large and my nipple started showing off, even beneath the clothes I wore, I started feeling embarrassed and decided to seek medical treatment. 

I consulted with a family doctor who informed me that I could be suffering from gynecomastia and suggested that I consult with an experienced doctor without delay.

While surfing on the internet for common causes of gynecomastia & age groups, I found the below information:

“The common age groups for physiological gynecomastia are newborn babies (0–3 weeks; 60–90%), adolescents (10–17 years; 50–60%) and older men aged 50–69 years (35–65%).” Source –

I was 12 years old when I was first diagnosed with gynecomastia. I was not comfortable discussing my problem with my family members and overlooked the condition for the next 10-11 years that followed. But, as I understood the condition better, I started looking for treatment options myself. While checking on the internet, I came across Dr. Ashwini Kumar of Pristyn Care, who seemed to be a well-trusted and experienced cosmetic surgeon from the reviews that were shared by his patients. I went for a consultation where he explained to me the entire process of VASER liposuction which they follow for treating gynecomastia. I was convinced and decided to book my OPD with him. After my interaction with the doctor, my faith & credibility in this service provider (Pristyn Care) grew.

I decided to go for a Gynecomastia surgery in Pristyn Care Gurgaon clinic. Pristyn Care provided me with an EMI facility and assisted me in planning my surgery for the following weekend. My best friend accompanied me to the hospital on the day of surgery. The surgical procedure took 1 hour. I don’t remember how the surgery went but after I gained consciousness, there was no pain or scars on and around my chest. It was a daycare procedure, so no admission or stay was required. Within a few hours of the surgery, I went back home and took bed rest for the night at home.

The Pristyn Care clinic where I went for treatment was clean, hygienic, and took all the necessary Covid-19 safety measures. The surgery was exactly how the medical coordinator committed me to bet.

In Abhinav’s Words (After One Month of Surgery):

I had Grade 3 Gynecomastia. Now after one month of surgery, I am pleased about my decision & selection of the medical service provider, i.e. Pristyn Care. Now I am very confident about my looks.

This anecdote of mine is for those who delay their treatment & delay things every now & then. Getting the right treatment for a health problem in the most hassle-free manner was a very satisfying experience.


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