How Insurance Brands Leverage Business Intelligence

You’ve seen the commercials. Flo from Progressive, Jake from State Farm, and the GEICO Gecko take over your television sets to get you to invest in their insurance products. Whether it’s health insurance or home and auto bundles, you need different policies to keep your life protected. And these insurance companies are willing to do whatever it takes to get you to buy a policy with them. Beyond just commercials, there are plenty of things companies can do to prove to you that they are the best of the best. One of these steps is to implement business intelligence software.

Business intelligence is a range of software products and programs that help your business operate more efficiently. With data visualization and analysis, you can process customer needs in new ways and release your information in understandable dashboards. Insurance companies are required to get a lot of information out to customers, and the ones who do this the best are leveraging business intelligence in strategic ways. Here are a few ways that give them a competitive edge.

Give customers a clearer picture of their plan.

When customers go searching for the best insurance plan or policy, they like to compare insurance company plans side by side. Business intelligence and analytics can help you compare health insurance in easy dashboards and visualizations. Answer all the questions that clients may have about their health plan. Health insurance plans have a lot of details about in-network providers, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs. You want people to know exactly what their monthly premiums are paying for. Make sure you have a complete picture of your health insurance to give customers a better understanding of their specific plan.

Integrate your systems more effectively.

When it comes to medical care or any insurance plan, there are multiple data sources communicating all at once. You need to work to integrate your systems in the most effective way for you. This is where TIBCO BI (business intelligence) can help you keep your data science concise and streamlined. Report new metrics, and create interactive visualizations that can help you understand trends in the insurance market. By keeping all your communications and data in one location, you are able to come up with better plan types and strategic steps to help your insurance company be better.

Find better business strategies.

If your goal is to bring more people to your provider network, you need good business strategies to get there. BI software helps you track customer data and find new target markets. Make better decisions for the scalability of your company with the help of business processes.

Work faster to give customers answers in real-time.

Computers and software have an amazing power to process information way faster than humans ever could. A piece of business intelligence involves machine learning and artificial intelligence. This means your analytics platform can process data and respond without human interference, thanks to learning from past events. Give your customers real-time responses with the help of BI technology. Whether they’re looking for health insurance quotes or the cost of a certain procedure, your system can give them the information right away. By working with customers in a quick, more efficient way, you are showing them how much you value their time and patronage of your insurance company.

Make analytics easier for the whole team.

Data analytics and BI methodology may seem complicated and confusing for beginners. However, these business processes actually give every member of your team the power to harness analytics. Thanks to specific visual analytics and digital transformations, everyone can gain insights from your data mining. This helps create a more efficient company overall.


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