How is spirituality cultivated?

In this hectic life, everyone needs to contemplate, finding his true self, or he will be dragged into a great current that only makes him like a leaf in a flowing river. Contemplation, meditation, or whatever it is, actually lead to what is called spirituality.

For us, it is key to understand that cultivating spirituality does not have a defined technique or a user manual to draw on, but is related to a way of approaching communion with the environment that surrounds us and what we do. It is very common for people to approach spirituality through religions, in the practice of some, but it is not an exclusive condition because it can also be cultivated through meditation, reflection, or contemplation, for example. , of other living beings. These are also ways to open the doors to spirituality. Spirituality is very broad and cannot be limited by anything, including the major religions we know or certain meditation practices. Even ordinary psychic advice can be a guide for someone to find a side of his spirituality that has been lost for a long time. With Internet technology, almost everything can be accessed, including spiritual advice.

However, the health emergency caused by the coronavirus is perhaps a way of entering into cultivating the spirit, even without having the intention, because it is a situation in which people are thinking about Collective: prayers are no longer raised asking for help in the singular (help me) but in the plural (help us). That is already the first step, and now we begin to save more, to stop paying importance to non-essential issues, we are cleaning the house, and these are also spiritual practices.

Benefits of spirituality

In addition to biological causes known to traditional western science, the disease also appears when one is selfish with oneself, which means that if I am only focused on my drama, my energy stays where my consciousness is. At that moment our system is down because that leads us to fear, anxiety, and an emotional state that alters the mind, which is what governs the body. This also influences the strength of the immune system.

Thus, we become more susceptible to viruses, bacteria, body aches, appetite alterations that are endless chains that weaken the body. For this reason, it is important to understand that, although spirituality does not make anyone immune to diseases or tragedies, it does provide tools to face crises in a better way, knowing that the strength of the mind also makes the body strong, and taking care of both is just as essential, even more so in times of crisis.

Spirituality may not have a “quick effect” on our lives but it is able to restore happiness, optimism, and all the positive things that may have long been missing from our lives. When we have a healthy spiritual side, we will create a better life, starting from “our own heart”. Hopefully this article was useful. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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