How Many EB 5 Visas Are Issued Each Year?

An EB 5 visa (employment-based fifth preference visa) allows immigrants to apply for residency in the United States. They do this by investing in a commercial enterprise and creating a certain number of jobs for U.S. citizens. There is a limited number of EB 5 visas issued each year. Here is some information regarding the number of EB 5 visas available and how to apply:

Yearly EB 5 Visas Issued

The government issues 10,000 EB 5 visas per year to qualified applicants. They reserve 3,000 visas out of the 10,000 specifically for investors who finance targeted employment areas (TEAs). The number of visas issued is not always met, and it is up to the discretion of the government to determine how many applicants are accepted and issued a visa. To meet the EB 5 visa eligibility requirements, investors must carefully complete the application process.

Application for an EB 5 Visa

The application for EB 5 visas can be a long process. With professional assistance, an immigrant investor can move through the process without time-consuming complications. Here are a few of the steps involved in the process:

Find Out If You Qualify

In addition to finding a qualified attorney, an investor should look for a reliable regional center. Regional centers can assist with the investment process. Regional centers are public or private companies that work to help promote economic growth in the United States. A regional center can discuss eligibility requirements and potential projects with the investor.

An immigrant investor must invest $1 million in a standard project or $500,000 in a TEA. The investor must also create at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. citizens. The regional center can discuss this information with the investor and determine if they qualify for this specific visa.

If the investor is ready to move forward with the regional center’s project, they will then pay the required fees and start gathering all the necessary documentation to submit to the USCIS. The investor can utilize the help of their attorney and the regional center when preparing the required forms.

Apply For a Temporary Green Card

After the investor has subscribed to a project with the regional center, they can then have their attorney file an I-526 petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The USCIS will either accept or reject the petition.

If the petition is approved, the investor will file one of two forms — DS-260 or I-485 depending on which conditions apply to the investor at the time of filing. If the application and forms are approved, the investor and qualifying family members will receive a temporary green card. The temporary green card allows the investor and their family to work, go to school, travel, and enjoy the benefits associated with living in the United States for a specified period of time.

Apply For a Permanent Green Card

After the investor and their family have had a conditional green card for a certain period of time, they can then apply for a permanent green card. The investor must show documentation that they have invested the required amount of money in a U.S. enterprise. They must also prove they have created the required number of jobs for American citizens. The regional center can also help by providing bank statements, contracts that show proof of investment, tax information, invoices, and all other documents associated with the project.

After the investor submits the application, they will wait for approval again from the USCIS. If the application is accepted, the investor and their family will then be permanent green card holders. After a specific duration, they may then move on to the last step and apply for permanent citizenship in the United States.

Get Professional Help To Apply For an EB 5 Visa

Although only 10,000 EB 5 visas are issued per year, immigrants may seek professional assistance to increase their odds of receiving a green card. They must follow the outlined steps and properly complete all paperwork. Regional centers hire qualified individuals who can find the right investment for your needs and keep track of all documents related to the project. Find a reliable regional center that can walk you through the application and investment process today.


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