How much do betting affiliates make

Betting affiliate programs provide an opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands of rupees a month on human passion. Sports betting is as addictive as a casino, and this weakness makes users actively spend money. For example, during the football championship in Europe, about 10 trillion bets were made. And that’s just one sporting event.

The affiliate program is a type of multiple event in which the advertiser is a betting company or a prediction seller. The company pays affiliates a reward for attracting fans to bet on the outcome of sports events to its site. There are several types of top sports betting affiliate programs of 2021:

  •       Legal bookmakers who have officially received permission to accept bets over the internet.
  •       Illegal bookmakers who accept bets but violate the laws. If you place advertisements or links to such bookmakers on the site, then your resource will receive sanctions and will be blocked.
  •       Websites selling forecasts. They do not violate the laws, since they do not accept bets, but offer only information and therefore have safely survived the liquidation of illegal bookmakers.
  •       Aggregators giving offers from different bookmakers and other gambling niches.

It’s up to you what to choose — just remember that illegal bookmakers can’t do you good.

What does the betting partner pay for

Depending on the type, the bookmaker affiliate program can pay for two targeted user actions:

  •       Making deposits with a sports betting company.
  •       Subscription to paid forecasts of the «analytical» site. In this case, the process of monetizing traffic is delayed: usually privateers first use free forecasts, and after a while they subscribe to a paid mailing list.

Remuneration to partners is paid according to several schemes:

  •       RevShare — the share of bookmakers’ income (players’ actual losses), as a rule, in the amount of 40%-60%;
  •       Percentage of the deposit made up to 50%;
  •       Fixed amount per active user.

When working constantly, RevShare is a profitable option. But the partner is required to be active, it is necessary to constantly bring new players. Also keep in mind that if you attract a user who will win the bet, then instead of a reward, there may be a minus on your balance. Some affiliate networks carry over negative balances to the next months.

The services of accepting sports bets or predictions on the outcome of matches are of interest to the same audience. These are men aged 18-40, fans, fans of one of the sports who follow the competitions, watch broadcasts, read reviews and club news.

Traffic sources for making money on betting

A serious limitation of the betting niche is the inability to use bookmaker advertising in large exchanges with the best traffic. An affiliate specialist can drain traffic from teaser networks or directly, by negotiating with the owners of entertainment or similar sites, purchasing advertising posts on social networks from the owners of YouTube channels. More rational is the purposeful creation of your own platforms for gathering the target audience.

In addition to sports-themed content or predictions, success stories of successful bets and happily spent winnings work well. It is important to work only with affiliate programs of legal bookmakers, which have the right to accept bets via the Internet. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting money and time, and then losing the audience of your sites after blocking.

There will always be gambling fans in various sports. Consequently, bookmakers will have a permanent audience, and webmasters or affiliate marketers will be able to earn on betting affiliate programs. The legalization of bookmakers and the introduction of legal online betting mechanisms make this niche more stable.


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