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How Much Does it Cost to Put a Garage Door Up?

The garage door is very useful for most people, acting as the entry and exit point of the house regularly. Durable garage doors come in different sizes and are made of different materials. A good garage door not only helps to secure your belongings inside the house but also adds to the curb appeal. Costs for their installation can vary. You can find more info about the different costs by contacting a local contractor that specializes in such issues.

On average, proper installation of a garage door can cost anywhere between $500 and $2000. Many homeowners spend close to a thousand dollars on the installation of new sectional garage steel doors. Of course, you can expect to pay less than the average for garage doors at the low end. For example, a non-insulated steel garage door costs less than $500 without installation. With customized features and high-quality materials, the cost of purchasing such a garage door plus installation could spiral into thousands of dollars. A good example is an installation of, say, a custom redwood garage door. Such customization may include a glass window and automatic opener. This can easily cost over $4000!

Factors that Affect the Cost of Garage Door Installation

Whether or not you pay $400 or $4000 for the installation of your garage door will depend on some key factors. These include;

1)Door Size

Door size is crucial to determining the cost of purchasing and installing a garage door. Installing a one-car garage door is cheaper than a double-car one, and so forth. Custom-made garage doors are usually more expensive to purchase and install. This is because the labor may require specialized knowledge relevant to that particular make and model. Paying over $4000 is a good example of how custom-made garage doors can be expensive. Usually, such a door may be extraordinarily large. For example, a garage door for a mansion will be much larger than for a simple suburban house. The mansion owner can expect to pay thousands of dollars more than the average homeowner, all factors considered.

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2) Door Construction

Here, quality is the keyword. Not all garage doors are constructed equally. The disparity in materials used can mean the difference between paying $500 for installation and forking out over $1000. For example, a single-faced garage door can cost about $400 to install. That same garage door will cost almost $2000 to install if more features are added to its construction. Such features could include reinforced thick steel, insulation, or windows. In terms of the material used, wooden garage doors tend to be more expensive to install than steel ones. Even among the wooden ones, there’s a price range based on the quality of the wood. For instance, solid wood garage doors can cost thousands of dollars to install while simple ones made of pressed wood may only set you back a few hundred dollars.

It’s always best to remember that every additional embellishment on your garage door will mean increased labor costs, meaning you’ll pay more during installation.

3) Opener Type

The type of garage door opener will determine the amount of labor needed. More complex means more work, translating into more installation costs. For example, regular roll-up garage doors are not very complicated to install. You can even pay less than $200 for their installation. However, if you need to upgrade to more automated versions like swing-open carriage style doors, you’ll pay way more than $200. This is because the latter version comes with more reliability and reduced noise when opening and closing. The most efficient types of garage door openers utilize direct drive technology. Naturally, you’ll have to pay top dollar for their installation.

These are some of the crucial things that’ll affect how much you pay for a garage door and its installation.

Ensuring that you get the best deal for your garage door installation means doing research. This involves shopping around for the best rates while comparing them to the national average. Of course, you have to examine your circumstances to determine what kind of garage door will work best for you. For example, if you live in a region with prolonged cold seasons, you should know that cold weather may cause your garage door opener to act up frequently. This could lead to breakage, hence costing you in repair costs. As such, it might make more sense to invest in a garage door whose opener is not affected by such weather changes. This may mean that you pay more than the average price for your garage door installation but it’ll be worth it in the long run.


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