How online casinos remain sociable for players

Online gaming has seen a surge in popularity over recent years. Technology and the rise of the smart phone has seen more and more people discover the joys of classic casino games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, and slots.

This boom is not reflected in land-based casinos 918kiss however, as gamers turn away from the restrictive nature of physical casinos to the innovative, exciting world of online gaming. But what advantages do online casino have over their physical counterparts?


Opening hours, and far away locations of physical casinos are no longer an issue thanks to the onset of the internet and online gaming. Players can now play the games they want to play, anywhere and anytime they choose.

Whether that’s in the comfort of your own home or travelling on a train, online casinos can offer a level of convenience that no land-based casino can ever match.

Ease of access

Thanks to technology, accessing your favourite casino game online has never been easier. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets, are now part of our everyday lives, meaning gamers are never more than a few seconds away from the favourite games they love.

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Game Variety

Land-based casinos are limited in their game offerings by the physical size of their venue. Logistics and overhead costs also come into the equation when updating and adding all the very latest games.

Online casinos have no such boundaries and can offer customers a huge variety of games. From popular classics to the very latest releases and updates, gamers are guaranteed to find a game that will appeal to them.


As the popularity of online gaming continues to grow, the more companies are entering the market creating fierce competition in the sector. This is good news for gamers.

Eager to attract and retain customers, operators as seen on nz casino online offer gamers a whole host of promotions to get them to sign up to their site and remain loyal. These include:

Free games

Another element of attracting new customers is the prevalence of free games. Many operators allow players to try out selected games on their site for free, allowing them to gain more experience before risking any of their own money.

The Social aspect of gaming

For many years a night at the casino was seen as a fun social event, and a great way to meet people or spend time with friends and family. Physical casinos allowed players that social interaction and helped create the unique buzz of a night at the casino.

When online casinos entered the market, many gaming fans were concerned that playing online would mean missing out on that all important social element. They argued that playing at home on your sofa was no substitute for meeting new people and partying with friends face to face.

However, online operators have worked incredibly hard to ensure that their gaming experience is as close to the real thing as is possible. That includes creating the social element of gambling that people enjoy so much.

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By using chatrooms, forums, and other social networking features, players can now communicate with one another and make new friends. If you’re playing poker you can chat to the rest of the people on your table, or head to the lobby to meet up with friends before you start playing.

Being online means that players are global, allowing gamers to interact with people from around the world. Many online casinos also host tournaments or competitions, which helps create an environment of friendly competition and regular meetings among players, creating a strong sense of online community amongst customers.

Live Casino

In an effort to replicate the social experience of a real-world casino more accurately, online operators have developed the live casino. Players from anywhere in the world, can now see and interact with their very own real-life dealer.

Filmed in a studio with a real dealer or croupier, table and HD cameras, players can place bets and interact, just as they would in a land-based venue. Dealers will welcome you to the table and congratulate you on your wins too, creating that sense of community, even in an online environment.

With chat rooms available for every game, players at each table can choose to chat amongst themselves, adding to that classic casino atmosphere.

The Future of Online Casinos

Online casinos will not rest there. Competition has seen innovation and the early adoption of new technology designed to enhance their offering to customers.

Virtual and Augmented Reality are two exciting new technologies that are expected to transform the online sector and create an even more immersive and sociable experience for gamers.

People will be able to create their own avatars and enter a virtual casino with a bar, gaming tables, slots, and more. They will be able to navigate through the space and walk around tables, interacting with dealers and other guests.

Gamers will be able to create a casino experience that is unique to them, with the games they like to play readily available. That could even want to meet up with friends in their own private poker room while sat on their sofas at home.

Virtual Reality is already happening, although it is still in its infancy, but these cutting edge technologies are destined to transform the online gaming experience, offering players an immersive, sociable casino experience with all their games and no queues.

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