How Online Teaching has Revolutionized the Education System

Looking ahead, India stands to become a developed nation and achieve good economic growth, if it focuses on the development of educational infrastructure. This need is both important and urgent. Now, a lot has been done to make education available even to the most deprived but, in a country that adds one Australia to its population every year, it is virtually impossible to build schools even in the remotest of villages. For this reason, the online classes app is the cheapest, reliable and best means for us to provide affordable, mass education to our students. Moreover, online classes are a good way to ensure that education of exactly the same standard is provided to less-privileged rural students that any city convent educated student is receiving. This helps us bridge the opportunity gap and encourages social inclusion.

Online teaching and study sites have also addressed the rising need for personalized education as it is becoming more evident that every student learns in his own way and through unique cognitive processes. For example, you can now find comprehensive documents like this Microbiology lab report that can help you improve your academic performance. Furthermore, you can download several study materials from many universities worldwide.

Online teaching sites have also addressed the rising need for personalized education as it is becoming more evident that every student learns in his own way and through unique cognitive processes. The human brain is like a fingerprint, unique for every individual, even among identical twins. It is highly likely then, that we all experience the world around us, process information, and case in point- learn, in our own unique ways. Online classes app provide students the much-needed flexibility to learn at their own pace. It also creates an active learning environment, which is directly correlated with students learning outcomes.

E-learning platforms have progressively come up with innovative ideas like gamification, AR/VR/MR, online teaching through mobile, etc., that have made learning a fun activity for students. Gamification is the use of game mechanics in a non-gaming environment. It can be incorporated into education through various exciting ways like turning educational content into competitions. In a study, it was shown that gamification increases the student retention rate by 9%. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality is another feather in the cap for ed-tech industry. Students can learn easily through 3-D models and simulations of concepts. Virtual labs are also going to reform the teaching methods in years to come. Some good online classes apps are providing the ease of online teaching through mobile, wherein an online teacher a class on a digital whiteboard, with nothing but his mobile phone. There are many more features like automated attendance, automated fee-collection, easy note-sharing, etc. which have made online teaching a walk in the park. Online teaching is also more eco-friendly as there is less fuel consumption for commuting, less road congestion, noise pollution, etc. Imagine the large number of trees which did not produce stationery, which was not required, thanks to online teaching sites. Thus, there is the added benefit of sustainable growth as well.

All these benefits have pushed India to become a world leader in terms of growth of its ed-tech industry which, according to a joint study by Google and KPMG, is set to grow 4 to 5 times its present size in the next five years. The New Education Policy 2020 when implemented as proposed, will ensure large-scale integration of technology in education. This hopefully, ought to satisfy the rising need for quality, mass education in our country with such a large portion of the young population.

Education for the rising population is the most important and challenging goal that we as a country face. To meet this challenge, we must shift towards digital alternatives of traditional teaching as they provide us with all the necessary tools that we would need in eradicating illiteracy from our country.


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