How parents could help their children for preschool

Preschool helps kids to be with peers and to learn necessary life lessons such as how to share, follow rules, and take turns. It also could prepare them academically for higher studies. For going to any preschool in Gurgaon parents and child both have to deal with a lot of emotional ups and downs. For a child, being in new surroundings with unknown faces and kids may face excitement and anxiety at the same time. Parents may have to go through this as they need to be hard on their kids.

Here are some tips which may help the transition to preschool a smooth experience

  • Deal with your child’s fear: have a chit chat with your child regarding the thoughts they are having before it starts. Gradually introduce them to activities which often take place in the classroom. Try to visit preschool classrooms with your child as many times as possible before starting the actual schooling. The more assured and calm you are about your choices to send your child to preschool, the higher the chances your child would be confident.
  • Make a few friends: if possible, arrange some playdates with children from your child’s classroom. This may allow them to get to know everyone well even before school starts.
  • Explaining the school schedule: tell them about the games, the kids they are going to meet, and how you are coming to pick them up at the end of the class. Do not over-elaborate things and do not make fake promises for things you did not have control on.
  • Meet the teacher: Leen’s nestling preschool hosts an open house, where teachers and children could get to know each other. This will help to develop interest and help to familiarize the faces.
  • School at home: use techniques to pretend to play as it helps your child to get used to the idea of pre-schooling. Take turns acting out various routines like storytelling, singing songs and nap time. You may also switch up the roles and ask your child to be the teacher. This may help your child think of school as a fun place and reduce anxiety levels.
  • The first day: the day you enter the class, calmly reintroduce the teacher to your child, and then take a step back to allow them to begin any conversation. This helps your child. They may be happy and safe in the teacher’s care. Whether your child is reluctant or eager to go to school, a school staff member will be ready to help with the transfer when you arrive.
  • Share your experience: tell your toddlers one story about when you first went to school, how you feel and the special memories you have. If you could, find a preschool photograph of yourself or your child and talk about them together.
  • Listen to your child: ask your little one about the feeling of going to school and reassure them that it is normal to be excited, emotional and worried. 


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