How should aviator sunglasses fit your face

How should aviator sunglasses fit your face?

The primary reason people wear aviator sunglasses is because of the fitting. When indulging in vision-critical activities like piloting an airplane, driving a car, or climbing a mountain, you need sunglasses that precisely fit your bridge and temple arms. Precision is not so important when you are lounging on a rooftop restaurant or sidewalk cafe. Let’s look at the aviator sunglasses for casual users before we move on to the practical ones.

For casual use

If you are buying aviator sunglasses for casual use, the sunglasses should fit your face shape. They should not be so huge that they draw attention to themselves and move attention away from your face. They should also not be so small that they start to look intimidating and strange.

One thing to focus on here is that the sunglasses must not slide down your nose. The temple arms should not irritate or scrape your ears; the frame must stay in place when you bob your head up and down or side to side.

How should aviator sunglasses fit your face2

With aviators, people are most often tempted to go for either too large or too small ones. However, when buying aviator sunglasses for casual use, make sure they fit you properly and feel comfortable.

For practical uses

Aviator sunglasses exude confidence and authority. This makes them a great choice for people who have supervisory roles or low enforcement jobs that involve them staying outside for long periods. The lightweight, simple and durable design of aviators have made them a favored choice for anyone who has to spend a long time under the sun every day.

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For such practical scenarios, your eyewear fitting is crucial. You want it to sit comfortably on your nose without sleeping. Do not neglect the fit around the ears as well. Some frames are bent towards the temple arm so that they can fit your ears more snuggly. No spaces and temple arms can affect your comfort when wearing sunglasses for a long time. Therefore, make sure that you are comfortable wearing the sunglasses.

Who can wear aviators?

Aviators are the iconic and classic sunglasses that work on most face shapes. The teardrop aviators are a good choice if you have a square, heart-shaped or oval face. If you have a rounder face, you should go for rectangular sunglasses like the aviator rectangle sunglasses to balance out your features. If you have a diamond-shaped look, you should go for narrower frames and steer clear of the oversized aviators.

When you wear aviators, your eyebrows should be behind the lenses. Your eyelashes should not brush the lens, and the nose pad should not dig into your nose. This is all the Internet can help you with. For the perfect fit, work with your professional optician and the eyewear dealer to make sure that you have a frame that has an optimum balance and protects your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.






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