How should the surrogacy agency be chosen? (in case you live in California)

Gestation (although it is also sometimes called a surrogacy) is the process in which a mother offers her own uterus so that embryos from another couple are transferred to her, due to different problems such as: fertility, infertility problems, ethical-social issues … They decide to resort to surrogacy to give life to their own child.

Finding the best surrogacy agency in California

An agency will be better or worse depending on how it adapts to the needs of each case. Therefore, depending on the situation of the future parents, one or the other will be chosen.

In case you live in California, in order to carefully choose the best surrogacy agency in California, it is essential to take into account the following points:

If the agency works from California, with a physical headquarters in our country.

If you have permanent and accredited collaborators.

The way to choose the pregnant woman, if they are in charge or the future parents intervene.

Years of experience in surrogacy.

The services it offers, since there are agencies that have counseling services, lawyers and even have their own clinic.

The total price, with the number of IVF cycles and transfers it includes.

The additional services and the extra price they entail.

If they have a donor database, in case you need to donate eggs or sperm.

As we have mentioned, the way of working of the chosen agency must fit with your needs and must offer you confidence.

It is very important that the agency’s professionals solve all your doubts and give you all the information you need about the process. In these cases, it is usual to rely above all on the good feeling that one company or another gives us.

Where did surrogacy begin?

Where the surrogacy processes began to be given, it was in our country, the United States, in addition, it is a very safe process, since for a candidate to finally “rent” her womb, she must go through a large number of evaluations where she will finally be selected by a specialized surrogacy agency.

However, the experience of thousands of couples in recent years has made it possible to determine some guidelines to correctly select a surrogacy program.

Cash payments

First of all, it is best to avoid cash payments. A reputable provider will offer formal payment options, such as international bank transfers, which provide a strong history of third-party monitored transactions in the event of subsequent disputes. Some clinics even offer payment arrangements in the couple’s home country, avoiding the inconvenience (and occasionally added paperwork) of international transfers.

Low costs

Second, the appropriate surrogacy rates should be another aspect to consider; If they seem excessively low, there is likely a reason for it. Many clinics offer lower rates, providing agreements with older pregnant women (which accredited clinics would reject) or pregnant women who live in areas that are not very safe, or who skimp on caring for the pregnant woman during pregnancy.

What is the ideal agency to help me in my surrogacy process?

The ideal agency is the one that helps you decide: providing all the information of that moment with transparency. It accompanies you in a personalized way, with solid criteria. The agency understands you in your emotions and listens to you.

And very importantly, it is decisive in the event of unforeseen events.

Do I need an agency in my surrogacy process or can I do it on my own?

Keep in mind, that following the path of the hand of a professional who knows the tricks to solve the obstacles of the road can take you out of many problems.


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