How should we deal with frequent data leakage and rampant ransomware attack in 2022?

The year 2021 is unsettled. COVID-19’s continuous mutation is spreading and wreaking havoc, endangering people’s health and safety. Many major data security incidents have occurred in the online world as well. While we are taking care of our health, we should also be concerned with the security of our own and network information. This paper will sort out the major network security events in 2021 and make some predictions about the network security industry’s development trend in 2022.

A review of major network security incidents in 2021:

  1. Acer is subjected to a ransomware attack

Acer was attacked by REvil blackmail software at the end of March and offered a $50 million ransom. According to the organization’s screenshot, the infiltrated data includes financial spreadsheets, bank balances, transaction information, and other documents.

  1. The largest oil pipeline operator in the United States was extorted.

On May 7, colonial pipeline, the largest refined oil pipeline operator in the United States, was the victim of a blackmail software attack and was forced to shut down its key fuel supply network in the United States’ eastern coastal states. This has had a significant impact on the supply of fuel and other energy on the east coast of the United States, prompting the United States government to declare a state of national emergency.

  1. The Irish Health Department has been targeted by blackmail software.

The Health Service Executive (HSE), Ireland’s public health care system, was attacked by extortion software on May 14, and the attacker demanded a ransom of US $20 million.

  1. The world’s largest photo service, Shutterfly, was blackmailed.

On December 26, Shutterfly, a photography and personalized photo service, was targeted by Conti’s blackmail software. They claimed to have encrypted over 4000 devices as well as 120 VMware esxi servers. Extortion software gangs demanded ransom payments in the millions of dollars.

  1. The computer company Gigabyte has been targeted by blackmail software.

Ransomexx ransomware attacked Gigabyte, a computer hardware supplier. Hackers threatened to release more than 112GB of business data signed confidentiality agreements on the dark network, involving partners such as Intel and AMD, if the victims did not accept their ransom request.

Looking back on the many shocking network security incidents that occurred in 2021, the scale of data leakage, the number of years of vulnerabilities, and the number of affected devices all show an increasing trend. Furthermore, hackers’ attack methods are becoming more complex. As we all know, incidents involving information security are unavoidable. With the advancement of technology and the passage of time, there will always be problems. What we can do is constantly investigate and prevent potential security risks.

2022 is expected to be another year filled with security innovations and challenges. We must plan for information security, establish a long-term and solid defense mechanism, and constantly improve the prevention level of network information security.

The current development pattern requires enterprises to have a sense of security in order to take appropriate protective measures to avoid enterprise data leakage due to internal or external factors. So, how do you build a data security system in an enterprise information office to achieve data security?

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