How State Board Students should Prepare for NEET?

The NEET is conducted every year by the National Testing Agency ( NTA) and it is basically the National Entrance Test where all the details are available in the official website. The exam date for this year is August 1. This is a pen paper mode in 11 different languages and they have also said that going forward the NEET Will be conducted every year only once. The application form will be soon be released and with the official brochure. They will have to fill the application forms online. That has to be done on the official website. The syllabus however remains unchanged. 

To prepare for NEET, one has to basically follow basic principles of preparation. These do not change anyhow for any competitive exams and can help students prepare for all levels and for any study schedule: 

  • KNOW THE SYLLABUS Start with knowing the entire syllabus. The better you know the topics which are important the more helpful it will be. Knowing the syllabus also will reduce your time and effort for your preparation level. You can then concentrate on other things like revision or practicing numerical question for your physics and chemistry. Paper. Biology is an interesting subject that will demand your attention if you want to succeed in NEET. If you are inclined to be a doctor then it is helpful for you to love this subject and go to core. 
  • PRACTICE AND SET A ROUTINE Practice makes a man perfect. Whatever be the type of exam it is important to practice and practice till you master it. The level of practice would depend on your zeal to know more. Revise regularly also as well. Having a small notebook to help you revise at the end of the day can save a lot of time. You will not only find it relaxing to see your efforts bearing the fruits at the end of the day but it will also help you do a quick study through at the end of the day. 
  • HAVE ENOUGH REFERENCE MEDIUMS: Select the best books for your preparation. NCERT is the soul for NEET. Most of the questions will match the level of exam pattern. This will help you to get the best guidance in terms of practice and support. 
  • SEEK SUPPORT:  Always ask and seek support for yourself when you are stuck in a pool of doubt for anything, from a silly problem to a preparation level. This year and last year owing to the pandemic things were not normal and now everyone is getting used to the new normal. Things can look difficult and young minds can often surround themselves in doubt and overthinking. Always talk to an adult, friend or mentor for help. Even if it means just talking about how you feel. Just open up about your state of feeling and seek emotional support. In turn always put yourself out there for your most trusted friends to give emotional support and a helping ear for support. 
  • PRACTICE ART OF RELAXATION: Exercise and meditation can work wonders for any one especially for students. Most of the top sportsperson or professionals on a regular basis try good old meditation methods. Studies have revealed that there is a direct connection to exercise, meditation to physical and mental wellbeing. Performance level also shoots up, mind is strengthened and actual guidance is provided to the physical body to take the load. Psychological exercises are a great way of improving attention and enlightening mental strength.

All the above points will not only help you in NEET but a varied type of subject preparation. Try your level best to get the maximum of the time you have in hand and you will succeed. Here is wishing you all the best for your exam preparation! Make sure that you practice hard for the exam!


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