How to Apply 90 Days UAE Visa

Dubai is the destination the world longs to visit because of its beautiful beaches and high-rise buildings. A Dubai tourist visa is required if you plan to visit Dubai with a friend or family member. It is recommended to get a 90 days UAE visa if you plan on visiting Dubai for the long term. This visa is often used to visit the UAE for extended periods of time, such as to bring your family members or friends.

A 90-day stay visa for UAE is available to visitors who are visiting Dubai for business, to attend a fair or seminar, to visit friends or family, or just for sightseeing. You may stay in the UAE for as long as 3 months with this visa. A 90-day visa is best if you plan to stay longer in Dubai. This visa is required for anyone who is not eligible to receive visa-on-arrival or visa-free entry in UAE. This visa is valid for 58 days starting from the date it was issued. You can extend it twice for 30 days.

You will need to apply for a 90-day visa to Dubai by visiting the UAE visa application center. Once you have submitted your documents and visa application, wait for the processing to occur. A tour agency or travel agency can help you apply online for a UAE visa. The processing time for your visa application is approximately 3-5 days. You will need to submit your visa application along with copies of your passport, air ticket, and two passport-sized photographs. A covering letter explaining the reason you are visiting UAE will be required.

A licensed travel agency in the UAE can sponsor your 90-day Dubai Visa. Any travel agency that offers visa services would be happy to arrange for you a visa so you can visit the country. If you are a friend or family member already living in the UAE, you can ask them to sponsor your visa. Your host will need to submit a copy of your passport, proof of residency, and an invitation letter while sponsoring your UAE 90-day visa.

When it comes to determining the requirements for a visa to Dubai, your nationality is key. Dubai is open to residents of the GCC. A number of citizens from the GCC are not citizens, but they may hold high-ranking positions, such as auditors, engineers, or doctors. Employees in public sector units, their families, and sponsored persons, can be granted a non-renewable 30-day visa upon arrival.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Applying 90 Days UAE Visa

A 90-day UAE visa is available for holders of prepaid visa passports. This is a step-by-step guide for applying for Visa.

  • To finalize the methods of applying for a visa, you can apply for your visa through UAE based tourism firm or travel agency.
  • Take a scanned copy of your passport.
  • Gather all necessary requirements, when you are applying through a tourism company you will be asked to offer proof of confirmed return, an airline will request you to fill a form, etc.
  • Since you have a 60 days validity period, take your time searching for flight tickets that fit your budget and needs
  • Submit all required documents and make the payments.
  • Collect your 3 months Dubai visit visa.

Documents Required for a 90 Days UAE Visa

Visitor’s Documents

  • Scanned copy of passport front page
  • Scanned copy of passport last page
  • Scanned copy of passport page with exit stamp, if you have visited Dubai before
  • Confirmed return air tickets

Guarantor’s Documents

A guarantor can be a relative or friend who is currently working/resident in the UAE who can be the point of contact in case of emergency:

  • Guarantor’s scanned passport copy
  • Scanned visa page copy
  • Scanned Emirates ID copy

Eligibility for Dubai Tourist Visa

For the eligibility of Dubai tourist visa, the candidate must fulfill the following guidelines:

  • A valid passport must be valid for at least six months and must have at least two blank pages
  • Hold confirmed return flight tickets to home country
  • Ensure adequate funds to cover the costs during the stay
  • Do not have any criminal past.

Additional Tips for Applying for a Dubai Visa

  • Double Check all your requirements:- Although your sponsor may not review your application multiple times, it is a good idea to go over your requirements several times before you send them in. It will be difficult to amend or add information to your application once it is submitted to your sponsor.
  • Do extra research:-┬áIf you need a sponsor to process your request, it is worth looking at as many agencies as possible and comparing the costs to ensure that you get the best value for your money.
  • If possible comprise as many supporting documents as possible:- Your sponsor will be responsible for the rest of this process if you have all the documents they require. Before you submit your requirements, make sure to look over any perspective documents you might need and include them as well.

Where to apply for Dubai Travel Visa?

Many travel agencies offering visa services have partnered up with Dubai-based tourism businesses. Because the documents you submit must be collected and checked by the travel agency, visa processing times can vary. The process of obtaining a UAE visa within 90 days usually takes between 2 and 7 working days. Disha Global Tours can provide fast, efficient service if you’re traveling urgently.

Disha Global Tours can help you get a 30 days UAE Visa and 90 days UAE visa without any hassles. Disha Global Tours is a trusted travel agency in the country. They offer authentic service at a reasonable price.

You are looking for a Dubai visa or UAE long-term visa to visit your family and friends. Disha Global Tours is a top visa specialist and will help you arrange a 90-day visa so that you can make the most of your time in Dubai.


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