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How to Be a Perfect Neighbor

Living in a community is rewarding, but it can present some challenges. As your neighbors become an integral part of your daily life, how do you help maintain neighborly relations?

What separates a good neighborhood from a bad one is often just simply knowing your neighbors and being able to have a conversation with them. If you want to be a good neighbor, here are the basics:

1. Don’t spend all your time in front of your house

It’s important that every once in a while, every member of the family spend time socializing outside their residence. It’s also beneficial to take walks around the block at night so that people get used to seeing you out and about.

2. Have parties

Neighborhood get-togethers are fun for the whole family, and they strengthen bonds between families. If you try to keep your children away from the party, it’ll just make them want to come even more!

3. Get involved in the community

Volunteer for a charity or start a neighborhood watch program with your neighbors. The police can’t patrol every area of town at all times, and everyone must work together to protect their homes and communities.

4. Answer your door when someone rings the bell

This is not too much to ask; you don’t always have to invite people inside, but be pleasant and respectful even if you’re busy.

5. Be nice

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Sometimes, this can be tough, but little things like bringing over cookies after new neighbors move in go a long way. Remember that they’re people too; everyone makes mistakes, but the way you treat your neighbors says a lot about how you act as a person.

6. Keep an eye on your kids

If there is a problem with another child in the neighborhood, don’t be afraid to talk to their parents and try to smooth things out together. Yelling at each other only causes more problems, and it’s better for both of you if you can resolve whatever issue has come up peacefully.

7. Address your pest and insect issues

Everyone likes their house to be clean, but it can affect the whole neighborhood if your house becomes a problem. Talk to your neighbors early before you have a bigger infestation that causes damage to both sides. If mosquitoes do not seem to leave your property, call a mosquito control and treatment expert to check the area. Your neighbors will not appreciate people getting sick from mosquitoes that have been breeding outside your house.

8. Take out the trash

It can be a real pain, but you should take out the garbage regularly and keep it presentable. If you have food in there, wrap it up or put it into an odor-proof bag before throwing it away. That way, the stench doesn’t fill up the whole house.

9. Keep up with yard work

People enjoy living in well-kept neighborhoods because it’s safe and pleasant for everyone to walk around. If you’re too busy to take care of this yourself, consider hiring someone or splitting costs with other neighbors who might benefit from having a well-maintained lawn as much as you do.

10. Keep your pets under control

Do not let your dog run out the door and chase after children, and do not allow them to dig up gardens or lawns. There is nothing worse than having a dog that does not listen, and it’s just as much of an inconvenience for other people. You want to be a good neighbor, so take care of your pets responsibly.

11. Do not smoke

If you want to let your kids play outside, you must not expose them to second-hand smoke. If you have a smoker on the block, try to convince them politely not to do it around other people and set an example for others by vowing to quit smoking yourself.

12. Keep the area clean and safe

Report suspicious tenants or criminals that may be lurking in the neighborhood; call 911 if necessary and report any mail that looks like it has been tampered with or stolen. Maintain a watchful eye on your neighbors as well as your belongings at all times, and keep your house locked when no one is home so thieves cannot access your property easily. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

These are just basic tips, but being neighborly is all about being able to communicate effectively. So don’t be afraid to chat with people. It will make everyone feel more comfortable knowing each other well. Be good to your neighbors and treat them kindly. Not only will it benefit your neighborhood, but you’ll also all enjoy living together.

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