How to be good at jewelry photography?

Whoever speaks about jewelry photography is mainly talking about atmosphere. This may involve a luxurious appearance on a dark background. But photographing jewelry can also be done in a very hip way. Especially for a target group that is a bit younger, jewelry photography offers very interesting possibilities. For example, the background does not always have to be tight or sharp. For example, see what happens when our professional photographers introduce motion and speed in the background in jewelry product photography.

The basics in jewelry photography

You can do your best with jewelry product photography, if the basics are not right, the result will remain substandard. Our professional photographer is 100% aware of this. Jewelry photos do not leave his studio until they have been checked on all quality bases.

After all, the trajectory that you take when photographing jewelry has to be right from A to Z. The first step is the presentation of the whole. A common mistake is careless placement of the jewelry. Every detail of the jewelry contributes to its beauty. That is why every detail has to be carefully considered. Of course, the jewelry is first checked for damage. Fingerprints are wiped off and cloth gloves are used.

Photograph necklace, ring, earrings and other jewelry

If it is a necklace, it is placed in a graceful manner. Of course, good thought is given to the sparkles that may occur. Sometimes they are disruptive and sometimes they are functional. This is assessed by the photographer with test shots. Functional glitter can enhance the appearance of jewelry product photography. This applies to a necklace, but of course also to earrings, rings or cufflinks. In addition, jewelry photography is never applied straight forward. With every photo shoot, the angle of shooting is adjusted exactly to the shape of the jewel.

Jewelry product photography needs good post-processing 

But jewelry product photography doesn’t stop when the camera shutter has clicked. Then the work actually begins. Because anyone who wants to photograph jewelry in an attractive way needs his full attention during post-processing. For example, to crop all the photos he takes in the same digital ratio. After all, you want to photograph jewelry that forms a beautiful whole on the website. This is only possible if the photographic proportions are completely correct. For example, our jewelry product photographer prefers to make an overview photo, a partial enlargement and a close-up photo for each product. All this with beautiful dark background colors or against a well-measured white background.

Photographing jewelry against the right background

There is still something to be said about that background. Jewelry photography focuses to a large extent on the details. So no busy background should play through it. Some photographers don’t think twice about this and choose a wood grain or speckled natural stone as a background. Photographing jewelry in such a way ensures that the emphasis on the jewelry photography disappears. That emphasis is largely swallowed up by the bustle in the background. A busy background also makes for a restless web page. For many buyers, this is definitely not a recommendation to buy a luxury necklace or bracelet from you.

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