How to be successful at Football Betting

How to be successful at Football Betting in 2022

Despite competition from numerous other sports, football remains at the top of the list of most popular sports. With an estimated 3.5 billion followers across the globe, the second most followed sport, cricket, doesn’t even come close. The game is played and watched by people on all continents. 

Only in North America does it face any resistance, as established sports there hold on as firm favorites of fans. While gaining a foothold in recent times, amid rising interest in the game and extensive media coverage, it’s still in its infancy. 

Packed bars with crowds watching games, fans going to the kasino to put bets on the games, these traditions long established in England for example are far from normal there. However, typically, football fans are obsessed with trying to get involved as much as possible. The idea that it’s possible to make money from a game they love watching is heaven to them.

It’s a fantastic test of knowledge as to how well you know your so-called favorite sport. Bets between friends, while fun and allowing you to be proven right, sometimes cannot provide the same excitement that winning money at an online casino does. But many fans have been led astray by their love of the game. Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and look to see if you can improve things. 

Blinded by Loyalty

Every football fan has a favorite team, and when it comes to matches they simply cannot look past the belief that they will win. This has proven to be a goldmine for bookmakers and casinos over the years as the strength of the other team gets overlooked. If you wish to make money at football betting, you must look at things rationally and don’t let your heart guide your bets. 

Get the Best odds available

It pays to shop around and check what odds different online casinos are offering. Some people get lazy and tend to use the same site throughout their entire gambling adventure. Online casinos tend to offer a variety of bonuses to keep customers using their site.

You may find that different sites may offer price boosts or enhanced odds on certain games. If you are going to bet anyway, you may as well take advantage of these. Over time, playing lower odds can cost you a lot of money, even if you are continuously winning.

Features in your Favor?

A relatively new phenomenon, the cash-out feature is now standard on the majority of online casino sites. Sports bettors often complain of near-misses, and how their bets should have won. The cash-out feature is designed to allow you to pull out of any game, at any time ideally with a profit, but also if you have grave concerns about losing all your stake. Consistent cashouts from winning bets will hit your pockets hard.

Gamblers are still split about the novelty of this feature. While a very inventive thing to offer, many feel it plays on the nerves of bettors, who become anxious as the clock ticks by and worry their bet may not win. This can be beneficial to online casino operators as if the player cashes out and the bet wins, they are spared paying out the full amount. Although you may indeed receive a profit, think carefully before utilizing this option.

Choose your Markets carefully

Football has moved on massively from the days of the Home/Draw/Away options found on betting slips of the past. Many statistics are available on the web regarding the huge variety of markets that are available to bet on at online casinos. Do you have a particular favorite? Or is there a trend you may have spotted that you feel you can take advantage of?

Bookings, corners, the number of goals scored, both teams to score, and Asian handicap bets are just a few of the markets you will find that has become increasingly popular. While many prefer to take football game by game, some like to get involved in season-long bets. While your money may be tied up for a long time, there have been some astonishing payouts over the years.

Don’t get Carried away

It can be surprising how many people get involved in football betting without having any kind of budget. Money needs to be put aside for this activity to ensure that all bills and necessities continue to be paid for. While gambling can be a fun pastime, it has the potential to turn into an expensive and dangerous journey rapidly. Win or lose, you should always be conscientious of what you can afford to bet.

Doing this will make you a lot more comfortable with your betting and the way you go about it. There are many staking plans to consider, some of which may suit you better than others. It’s important to have a plan, never get carried away, and put your whole bankroll on a single bet. While it may come off, continuing along this path will catch up with you and end in tears at some point.

Create records

Casual punters blindly hurtle from one bet to the next, possibly from market to market, hoping to land a big win. But in doing so, they will never realize which areas they lose in, or manage to win. It’s vital to keep a record of all bets that you place, to keep track of this, as well as see how you are doing financially.

These records will allow you to see if there are certain areas in which you should cease betting, and areas that you may want to focus more on. Any information gathered from these records can only help you become a successful football bettor as you will be making more educated bets in the future.


The number of people who love football worldwide is simply staggering. Watching the games can be great fun, and something that makes it even more exciting is the possibility to place bets on the sport quite easily at any online casino.

However, to give yourself the best chance of being successful, you must always search around different sites for the best odds on offer. While you may be a fervent supporter of a particular team, be wary of always following them too hard with your money if they are having a poor run of form. Use the cash-out option to guarantee yourself profit if your bet is winning but the games are not finished and your nerves are shot!

There are plenty of markets to choose from these days, and by recording your bets, you may find there are particular areas that you excel in. This can highly boost your chances of making money at football betting. Be aware that betting can be a costly experience, so make a budget that is acceptable to you to play with that won’t be missed elsewhere.






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