How to Build and Manage A Remote Team for a Digital Agency In 3 Steps

A digital agency is an enterprise that provides digital marketing and technology services such as website design, social media management and digital advertising. These agencies need to hire the best professionals to stay ahead of their competition and attract new customers. One way digital agencies can do this is by forming a remote team. Remote teams offer a variety of potential benefits, including reduced overhead costs and access to an international pool of talent. In order to be successful, digital agencies must create processes for onboarding and managing remote workers efficiently.

Three steps to build and manage a remote team

Outline clear expectations

Successfully managing a remote team is the core element to the success of any digital agency. When you’re hiring for your digital agency, make sure to outline clear expectations from the start so everyone is on the same page. Having well-defined job responsibilities, performance objectives, communication guidelines, and deadlines will help ensure that any new hire is able to hit the ground running and contribute meaningfully to your digital agency’s success. Initiate your expectations starting from when you write job descriptions.

By properly onboarding employees from afar and setting the right expectations from the get-go, digital agencies can realize the benefits of having remote workers without compromising productivity or quality. The right recruitment management system will assure seamless work from start to finish.

Create systems for communication

Proper communication is essential when successfully managing a digital agency’s remote team. To establish clear and effective communication, digital agencies should create systems that are tailored to the needs of each hire. This includes taking into account their unique strengths, availability, and preferences in order to provide them with the tools they need to feel connected, supported and engaged. 

Scheduling regular gatherings and virtual check-ins can further help digital agencies effectively manage remote teams by creating an open dialogue and allowing employees the opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns in an organized manner. At this events teams will have a chance to brainstorm the digital marketing strtategies or further plans. When digital agencies take the time to create solid communication systems for their remote teams from the start, they will set themselves up for success in managing remote workflows.

Set up collaborative tools

When you’re looking to hire a remote team for your digital agency, it’s important to make sure that you set up the right collaboration tools to help manage and get the best out of your remote workers. Depending on the size of the digital agency, it can be useful to look into digital solutions such as chat rooms, project management software, video conferencing services or even mobile apps that allow collaboration in real-time. 

Having the right setup when hiring a remote team can ensure that there is consistency of working processes and communication across all digital platforms and channels within your digital agency. That way, you can rest assured knowing that no matter where your remote team works from, everyone will be on the same page!


Hiring a remote team to work for a digital agency is often a cost-effective and convenient way to increase the digital services your clients receive. Not only can you bring in specialized skills that may not exist at your current location, but it also helps to ease the burden of managing an additional staff. Remote teams can provide insight into industry trends and become an integral part of your digital marketing success. With their help, you can stay ahead of the curve and competitive in today’s digital market.


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