How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins on a Bitcoin Exchange

We assume you want to know how to buy and sell bitcoins as you are here. Well, the process is really simple. All you need is the right knowledge and information and a trustworthy platform like 3D PRINTER. While there is so much buzz about investing in cryptos, but very few people know about the key parameters to consider when it comes to investing in the crypto market.

Before we proceed, we need to know something about bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first kind of cryptocurrency. It took Bitcoin 13 years to come to a place like this where the price reached or crossed 65,000 USD thrice in a year. Therefore, it is not hard for investors and experts to assume that it will again rise in the current year. The true potential of bitcoin is coming out, and people are becoming severely interested in this. They are also becoming more interested in buying and selling bitcoin.

Buying and selling bitcoin has multiple processes. But the most famous and convenient one is through the bitcoin exchanges.

Bitcoin exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges let you buy and sell bitcoin on the platform in exchange for both cryptocurrency and fiat money. Here are the types of bitcoin exchanges.

  • Centralised exchanges

Centralised exchanges are those platforms where a third party is involved in all the transactions and procedures. It is a third-party platform where you can buy and sell bitcoins without much thought about security purposes because the central authority will ensure all the trader’s identification verification. Only after going through proper verification would you be able to trade or invest through the exchange.

  • Decentralised exchanges

On the other hand, when you think about the decentralised platforms, these are software-operated platforms with no governing body involved. As only software maintenance charges are involved, the decentralised exchanges charge you very low transactional fees. Therefore, it is a bit risky, but you need to consciously choose your buyer or seller.

  • Exchanges hybrids

Now, hybrid exchanges can take many forms.There is no significant definition of what it will be. However, as the idea goes, hybrid exchanges are created to mix both the advantages of centralised and decentralised exchanges. It is trying to mix both anonymity and safety in each of the exchanges.

Apart from all this, the centralised exchanges can be of two types. One type enables you to buy bitcoin in exchange for fiat money and crypto money. On the other hand, the other type only allows crypto in exchange. Therefore, choosing the first type of exchange would be more convenient when you are a first-timer.

Fund your account.

Once you are done opening an account, the next thing you should do is transfer some money from your bank account to the exchange account. Once you do that, you can order your bitcoin or sell your bitcoin. To sell, you need to have your bitcoins in your exchange wallet. There are many ways to do that.

Bitcoin wallet

This digital wallet has two types in general—one is software, or “hot wallet,” and the other is hardware, or “cold wallet.” When you need a wallet for the exchange, it is the online wallet, also called the exchange wallet. This is where you store the bitcoins on an exchange.

Online exchanges are not as safe as hardware wallets or desktop wallets. Therefore, we prefer to immediately transfer your bitcoin from your online wallet to another wallet once bought. And in the case of buying, just when you want to sell, transfer the currency only into the exchange wallet.

Place order

Place your buying or selling order after you have gone through all of the legalities and technicalities, every detail, such as what price you want, how much you want to buy or sell, etc. After that, the transaction will automatically happen as soon as the order matches someone else’s order. And if it is selling, your bitcoins will be removed, and money will be transacted in your account, but if it is a buying order, the opposite will happen.

Final thoughts 

I hope you have gained some clarity on bitcoin buying and selling with all this information. Hopefully, you will be more confident to invest in it.

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