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How to check the originality of your Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Are you thinking of buying a pink Himalayan salt lamp & have started your research already? There are many options to choose from.

There are times when it can be confusing picking a perfect one. Salt lamps are beautiful and their magnetic radiance is something that mesmerizes everyone. This is a reason why the demand for these lamps is increasing like never before.

While there are many sellers who sell authentic salt lamps, the market is also flooded with counterfeit salt lamps, claiming to be original ones. Buying a fake salt lamp will ruin all your effort, leave aside enjoying its benefits.

Hence, it becomes imperative to understand the tests that can help us identify a real pink Himalayan salt lamp. With this article, we have summarised a few points that can help you identify a salt lamp by checking its originality.

The link between The Origin & Originality

When you hear the word, Himalayan Pink Salt there is only one source for the same. It is the Khewra Mines, situated in the Jhelum District, Sindh Region. Other salts might be pink, but they can’t be Himalayan.

Thus, when it comes to the authenticity of the pink salt lamp, it has to be made from authentic Pink Himalayan salt- only then it can be considered a real one. There are many lamps that are manufactured using pink salt, sourced from random locations. It can’t be a Pink Himalayan salt lamp.

To be sure about the originality, enquire about the source of your lamp. If it’s manufactured using pink salt blocks mined from Khewra Mines, then you can be sure about its originality.

Salinity – A test of Taste

Since the pink salt lamp is made from salt, it’s always going to be salty. Pink salt is nothing but 98% NaCl or common salt. Hence, the easiest way to know if a salt lamp is original or not is to check the taste. But how will you do it?

Licking a salt lamp in at some random shop, while the pandemic is still on isn’t a smart idea. However, there are different ways to check the salinity.

To check the pink Himalayan salt lamp you can remove a microchip or a few particles from the inner side of the salt lamp & then taste it for a fraction of a second. If it is saline, then you can be sure that the lamp is made up of pink salt.

If you taste anything other than the salt, it’s very likely that the lamp is fake.

Weeping Weeping – Oh it’s a Real Thing

Weeping is often associated with those sad romcoms & tragedy films however in case the context is different. Does your lamp also weep sometimes?

Well, it’s great news if it does. This is because now you can be sure that your Himalayan rock salt lamp is original.

This is for one simple reason.  Salt, be it common salt or pink salt, has the property to absorb moisture. There is always some amount of moisture that is present in the air. This can be checked by simply touching your finger on the salt lamp. If your salt lamp absorbs some amount of moisture then you can be sure that it’s original.

If you don’t mind breaking

Pink salt blocks/ slabs are brittle in nature. They are solid but can easily break if dropped or fall down on the ground from some height. The same is true for any Himalayan rock salt lamp. You don’t have to break your salt lamp to check its originality.

If you are familiar with pink salt, you will be able to understand it just even if you touch & feel the salt lamp. These lamps are fragile. If any chip comes out from a salt lamp, you can confirm that it is fragile and thus it’s original.

Don’t take this test literally and try dropping your salt lamp. You will be left with no option than ordering it once again. 

The Beauty of Inconsistency

The pink salt is formed from minerals. There is a time frame of millions of years that has gone into the formation of this salt. This salt is characterized by an inconsistent pattern of minerals.

Thus, when the electric bulb inside this lamp is turned on, it radiates an uneven glow. If your lamp radiates a glow that is very consistent, we suggest you use other tests and check its authenticity.

Want to buy Himalayan salt lamps? Checkout HaveRaw

We at HaveRaw offer a pink salt lamp that is sourced from the most trusted artisans. If you want to buy a lamp, you can consider buying it from us. This is for two reasons.

First, we are a brand that is built on credibility & trust.

Secondly, we never cut corners. Be it our consumables or the salt lamps, everything that we offer is sourced From Nature to You™.  This is a reason why our products are appreciated and loved by our consumers. There is a belief that the present generations should be able to seek the benefits & joys of nature, which our forefathers could.

With this thought, we keep bringing everything that is real & unadulterated. This is a reason when you buy anything from us, you can be sure about its authenticity.

Placing your order with us

To book your Himalayan salt lamp online, you can simply visit our site and then place your order with us. Select your quantity, fill in the necessary details and proceed with the payment. As your payment is confirmed, we will dispatch your order at the earliest.

If you have any problems in placing your order feel free to call us on  +91 9173640114  or leave us a message with the help of the WhatsApp chat function that is available on our website. Our team will help you out throughout this process and you will get all the required assistance to place your order with us.

Our enthusiastic team goes the extra mile to make this buying experience memorable for you. So if you are thinking of buying a Himalayan salt lamp online, make sure that you choose HaveRaw.

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