How to Choose a Great Plumbing Contractor

Has your top trusted plumber in Vancouver, WA retired, or are you new in the area? Do you have leaks, sewage backup, or other plumbing problems that need professional assistance? Then you need an excellent plumber for the job.

Hiring a plumbing contractor can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for. It gets trickier if you’re new in the area or haven’t had the need to look for a plumber in years. This article walks you through the important things to look for when hiring, as they could be the difference between a truly experienced and exceptional plumber and a con artist.

Things to Look for in a Plumbing Contractor

  • Proper licensing

You wouldn’t hire a medical student to perform something as serious as brain surgery. The same can be said for your home’s plumbing. You need a plumber who is licensed by the local authorities to work in your area.

A plumbing license points to many things, including that the plumber has passed the required training and accreditation to obtain the licensure. With a license in hand, you can be sure that the plumber will at least deliver the minimum service quality standard.

If you live in a state that doesn’t require licensing, ensure that you check for any formal complaints that may have been filed against the plumbing contractor or company. This formal complaint can warn you about hiring problematic contractors.

  • Business experience

Business experience plays a huge role in the quality of service contractors deliver. While there may be a few exceptions, the general rule is to hire highly experienced plumbers for any huge or small task.

Ask the plumber how long they’ve been in business to give you a clear understanding of what they bring to the table.

  • References

References can substitute recommendations if you’ve sought potential hires from the internet. Ask the plumber for references – this helps you understand how the plumber was on the last job and what the customers think of their service.

Customers will mostly give clear reviews about the plumber’s service, professionalism, and price. This information can be used to understand what the plumber offers and whether or not they are ideal for your needs.

  • Warranty

An excellent plumbing company or contractor will take pride in their quality of services. This will be evident in the warranty offered on services and products.

Experienced plumbers use high-quality products with manufacturer warranties for repairs and installations. They also layer their service warranty on product warranties to protect the customer and offer them more value for their money.

Ask the plumber about warranties and how long the warranties are. Plumbers shy of offering warranties to customers may be a red flag.

  • Friendliness and professionalism

Customers are more likely to hire professional plumbers who offer a good measure of friendliness. Friendliness is a professional courtesy that plumbers should extend to their customers, especially when looking to build long-term relationships.

When selecting from the pool of potential hires, consider your gut feeling and how friendly the plumber is. Friendly plumbers are easy to relate to and offer you a chance to lodge your complaints while getting professional and friendly advice.

  • Communication and timeliness

If hiring a contractor, ensure that the contractor has an established line of communication that allows them to respond to your service calls as quickly as possible.

Hard-to-reach plumbers or plumbers who do not keep to time may be unreliable, especially when you’re faced with plumbing emergencies. Ensure that the plumber is responsive and arrives within the shortest possible time, usually within 2 to 3 hours – unless otherwise stated, to address your plumbing needs.

  • Service price

Plumbers charge varied prices based on experience, expertise, type of service rendered, location, etc. Price is one of the major determinants of whether you’ll hire a plumber.

While it is important to compare quotes from three or more contractors for clarity, you should also not necessarily decide solely based on the price quoted.

When choosing, ensure that your final hiring decision is based on a combination of good values like the plumber’s experience, expertise, service quality, communication, and price. Paying a little extra for great services can be worth much more than paying lower for a bad job.

Using the criteria above improves your chance of hiring the right local plumber for your plumbing needs. It is, however, important to note that the final hiring choice is based on your preferences. Remember, check the plumber’s online reviews and ensure they are licensed and insured before you hire them.


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