How to Choose a Mattress and Achieve Your Best Sleep 

You might not know this but the quality of mattress you have can have a real impact on how well you sleep through the night. If you’re looking for a new one, take your time deciding on what would be the right fit for you, because this is going to have a huge affect on your quality of life. 

There are so many options and features out there that it can get overwhelming, and you need to find that sweet spot between luxury, comfort, and affordability as well. When a salesperson uses terms like “motion isolation” or “heat conductivity”, don’t let it scare you. They’re all pretty simple things, and we’re going to explain them to you in this article. 

Mattress Type 

There are countless mattress types out there, each with its own pros and cons. There are even mattresses specially made for adjustable beds, and they’re specially made for comfort and good sleep. You can check here for all kinds of recommendations. 

Air Mattresses 

Air mattresses are great for couples who prefer different firmness levels. If your partner wants to sleep on a soft bed but you don’t want that, you can set both sides of this mattress to different firmness settings and both get what you want. We’d call it a perfect compromise but it’s not a compromise at all – you both get what you want! 

Memory Foam 

Memory foam mattresses are great at aligning themselves according to your body shape and sleep position. They allow the best support throughout the night, though a lot of people aren’t a fan of the poor heat conductivity and the lack of edge support. 

Spring Mattresses 

These mattresses have spring coils inside them with a layer of foam or some other material on top. They’re bouncy and supportive, but they’re not the best at motion isolation. If your partner moves during the night, you’ll definitely feel it! 

Hybrid Mattresses 

These mattresses offer the best of all worlds, with combined elements from all the mattresses previously mentioned, and maybe even more. 

Motion Isolation 

If you share a bed with someone who sleeps unrestfully, or if you have a habit of disturbing your partner, you’ll benefit from a mattress with motion isolation. 

Mattresses with this feature don’t let the motion from one part carry over to the other side and disturb the other sleeping party, allowing for more comfort while you share your bed. 

Heat Conductivity 

Mattresses that stay cool on warm nights and stay warm on the cold nights are said to have good “heat conductivity”. It means that they won’t overheat or become too cold, and will remain comfortable for you to sleep on no matter what the temperature in the room is. 

Think about these mattresses as the cold side of the pillow – only these never get too hot or too cold! 


If you prefer to sleep on your mattress rather than in it, you want to look for a firm mattress. But if you prefer a fluffy mattress that makes you feel like you’re sleeping inside it rather than on top of it, look for a mattress that’s soft. 

Firmness level in mattresses is judged on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest mattress and 10 being the firmest. Soft mattresses tend to not provide a lot of support to the pressure points along your shoulders and your back while you sleep. This can result in neck and shoulder pains even when you’re presumably sleeping on a soft, comfortable mattress. 

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On the other hand, a mattress that is too firm can make it hard for you to feel comfortable. Most people feel just fine using a mattress that is medium firm. 

Most mattress brands and shops now offer a trial period for your mattresses, which means that you can test a mattress out over periods as long as 40 to 60 days. If you don’t like the mattress or have trouble falling asleep on it, you can simply return it. Even so, you should always test a mattress out by sleeping on it for at least half an hour before you decide to buy it. 


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