How to choose Crossover Plus size leggings?

Plus-size fashion: why choose the long dress when you’re around?

Nothing could be nicer than feeling comfortable in your clothes and even more so in summer when it becomes a headache to dress when it’s hot. And for that, it must be said that the long dress is the best of allies. The latter emphasizes your forms while preserving your comfort and true freedom of movement. Often made in light and vaporous materials, it is also perfect for facing summer temperatures. Last advantage, and not the least, it hides everything you want to hide: from wide hips to strong calves, through the skin that is still a little too white. In short, it is perfect.

What materials for my everyday dress when I’m around?

So that your everyday dress remains perfectly adapted to your morphology, avoid turning to tight-fitting or synthetic materials. These stick to the skin and bring out the small curves. On the contrary, opt for fluid, light, and airy materials, such as linen, silk, viscose, or even cotton.

Long everyday dress: the right cuts and the right lengths

If you’re round and petite, avoid the maxi dress (you know, it’s that long dress that almost drags on the floor). Instead, fall for a long dress that arrives at the ankles, or even at the calves. In addition, it remains an ultra-trendy cut again this season. However, if you’re in love with these super-long styles, you can opt for a split version that shows off your legs. A very simple trick that allows you to considerably lengthen your figure; you are round but relatively tall, you are lucky, all maxi dresses will suit you.

Whether you are tall or short, keep in mind that you have to focus on your strengths! Do you have the marked size? Choose a dress tightened at the waist with gathers or a belt. Do you have a nice breast? Opt for a dress that reveals your bust with a Bardot neckline, for example, or even round or square.

What are the trendy long dresses this season?

To be on top of the latest trends, you can fall for:

  • The long wrap dress that highlights your waist and your curves,
  • The long shirt dress, comfortable and chic in all circumstances,
  • The long graphic dress with vertical stripes. It considerably lengthens your figure,
  • The long fluid dress with ethnic motifs, so you never get hot; the bohemian dress still has everything great!

What to wear the long dress?

If you want to wear your crossover leggings with a jacket, it should not increase the volume of your figure. To do this, choose a short model that marks your height. On the program: bomber or small denim jacket. On the other hand, avoid all long or even mid-length jackets which will not be really harmonious layered with this type of dress.

What shoes to wear with a long dress? The most of the must remain the heels, whether they are on a pair of sandals or light boots. You can also choose them to offset, in order to be comfortable on a daily basis. Be careful, this does not mean that all flat shoes are prohibited. Indeed, if your dress is slit or slightly shorter at the ankles, you can afford to wear flatter shoes, like a pair of white sneakers, mules, or small sandals.

Its official, the long dress no longer holds any secrets for you!

Few fashion tips to look slimmer (without sports or dieting)

Look slimmer without going through the diet and sports box possible! And it’s in your closet that it happens. Zoom in on our fashion tips to look slimmer in the blink of an eye. Can I wear a short skirt if I have plus size hips? Can I wear these printed cropped pants even if I have plump buttocks? And this little fitted t-shirt, would it suit me, even if I have a bit of a stomach? All these questions prove that finding clothes that fit and look good on us is not easy mostly when we try to hide our small curves and hide our complexes. The solution is looking slimmer with smartly worn parts and accessories. So, if you don’t feel like giving up pizza, cheese, and of course chocolate if you’re not motivated by the idea of ​​doing sit-ups, squats, and going for a run on a mat. Rolling to the gym, here are our fashion tips to look slimmer by playing with the pieces that make up your walk-in closet. Not bad is not it?

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