How to color your weaves at home

Dyeing your weave can be an alternative for women who want to experience new hair color but fear damaging their natural hair. And if you get bored of the same color every day, and decide to try new colors for the upcoming summer, there are some tips and steps for helping you do the fresh looks and stay away from dye disaster.

Step1:Buying your weaves from hair vendors

Dyeing is a fun adventure, but it also costs a fortune. You need to buy ingredients such as bleach powder, developer, dye and hairdressing foil, etc. And the most important and expensive part is that you need to buy new bundles if you don’t have weaves for coloring. You can buy colored wigs to achieve the results, but not the hair vendors have the colors that you want. So you need to purchase hair weaves to color them at home. Colored synthetic hair is one way to change your look, but synthetic hair tends to react badly to dyes. A human hair weave that comes in natural blonde or brown can be an ideal basic for coloring. Human hair weaves may cost more than synthetic, but they look more natural and last longer.

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Step2:Choosing a perfect color for your hair

The color of your weaves decides whether or not you need to bleach the hair for how many times before dyeing. Brighter color needs you to bleach at first, and you may skip the bleaching step if you choose a dark color. You need to select a color and better choose from a professional hair color and developer line. It may not help you achieve the change if your option is from a dye box that comes from the local drugstore. And you can buy a bleach kit from Target or Walmart, but do choose a kit including the proper volume of developer. Volume developer can do damage to your weaves if you choose the wrong volume or use it improperly. So you need to buy a developer according to your color type and the degree of color. The lighter color needs a higher volume developer.

Step3:Bleaching your weaves lighter

You should wash your bundles thoroughly before any processing. This step is for cleaning the remains of the new weaves that are often processed by chemicals when the seller makes the weaves. Bleach the hair following the instructions that come with the bleach kit. And you must open your window for helping ventilate the chemical smells and fumes. After bleaching the hair, you need to use foil to wrap the hair for helping the bleaching. Take out your hair if the hair reaches the perfect color, and wash the chemicals out of your hair.

Step4:Coloring your weaves

The best way to color the hair is that you follow the instructions on the box, and you can watch tutorials on YouTube for helping you understand the manuals. Apply the dye on your hair until the hair is fully colored. After coloring, you need to wait with patience for the hair to process.

Step5:Treasure your weaves

After finishing the coloring step, you need to cleanse the weave until the water runs clear. And then condition your hair for healthy strands. Wash your colored weaves again to remove all the product remains and then dry your hair with air.

If you’re interested in changing your looks by coloring your hair and having confidence in DIY, dyeing your hair is an adventure for you as long as you follow the instructions carefully. And there is an unice hair bargain for your convenience if you don’t have time or confidence in dyeing your hair on your own.


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