How to Cover Bald Hair (The One Trick That Actually Works!)

Going Bald! Now what?

Every man is sure to ask himself questions about baldness. This blog provides answers on how a modern day ‘hair system’ can help men get back their confidence.

What is a hair system?

A hair system (aka a men’s toupee or men’s wig) is a piece of material that has human hair attached to it and looks JUST LIKE a set of real hair on a head. The ‘base’ can be made of different materials and is stuck onto the head with wig tape or wig glue, and can be worn whilst doing all daily activities – even swimming!

They typically can be worn for a month at a time, whilst one showers and washes it every other day in the shower, whilst wearing the men’s toupee. They are normally replaced every few months, making the BEST option for overcoming hair loss that has NO RISK and no long-term changes.

Hair system before and after photos speak for themselves when it comes to why men have started to wear them.


Buy a men’s hair system to get a new look and get back your confidence NOW

Unlike various medicines for hair loss and invasive surgery, a hair system has no side effects. None, zero, nada! If it’s not working out, you can simply remove it. There is no risk so most men have no apprehension when it comes to wearing a modern hair system.

Also known as a modern wig, toupee or hairpiece, it is a non-surgical solution that can help overcome baldness in a matter of minutes. A hair system consists of natural human hair that is interwoven with a skin-friendly base.

The base offers high breathability, durability and comfort, while the high-quality hair provides a very natural look.

Essentially, in less than an hour on a salon chair, one can go from a thinning, sparse half-head of hair, to a full set of intact and thick locks.

Benefits of the hair systems (over medicine for hair loss)

Wearing a hairpiece for chronic hair loss has several advantages as compared to hair transplants or medicine. We have only listed 3 popular ones.

  • Comfort:

    Hair systems are one way to get rid of hair loss in minutes. Men with severe hair loss on the top of the head and or in the forehead area regain self-confidence with a hair system. 
  • Low Cost:

    A hair system is an affordable and practical solution if your hair loss is advanced or limited to a specific area. Have your full hair back on less than $ 1000 a year. 
  • No Risk:

    There is zero risk, because nothing is ingested or injected. No hormones are altered, no skin destroyed. There is no risk of infection either. These are semi-permanent toupees and can even be removed immediately if the fit is not quite right. 

Find the hair system that’s right for you TODAY, and have a full set of hair before NEXT WEEK!

Lordhair is a reputable seller of men’s hairpiece toupees with dozens of styles, colors, and bases to choose from, you will be sure to find one right for your lifestyle. What’s more, Lordhair can provide personalized 1-1 advice for men who are totally new to hair systems and have no idea where to start.

What are you waiting for? Now you know such an amazing hair loss solution exists, you are ready to jump of the toupee lifestyle and start your new hair system life!


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