How To Create a Project Management Chart In EdrawMax


Creating a workflow in your business can boost your sales up to the roof. This workflow execution is possible only if you have a roadmap ahead of you. That is what the project management chart provides. So, it’s time to discover how to create a project chart in EdrawMax and use it for your business benefit.

This article will walk you through creating a project management chart. Plus, it will help you assess how EdrawMax is an excellent tool for generating 2D and 3D management charts.

The 7-step tutorial

Creating the project management chart is EdrawMax isn’t rocket science. This ease in production is only available at EdrawMax. Therefore, experts prefer it over other contenders.

A few things make it so popular among users and editors. The most common is its pre-layout AI technology. This program uses special tools to generate layouts with a single click. You can skip the basics and start directly from your chart editing.

Experts refer to it as a blessing for the chart designer. That is because of the complexity of project management charts. These charts can be a headache when the process starts, and EdrawMax ensures its production stays as simple as possible.

Here are some steps you can follow to create a project management chart.

1. Determine The Scope

No matter which type of chart you create, it is vital to have its purpose and reason inside your mind. Once you know why you need the particular chart, making it a beneficial source becomes a piece of cake.

That’s the case here as well. You need to assess what is the scope of the chart. It will help if you have an idea about its target audience. That is how you can target your problem and use it as the solution.

2. Gather Activities

Every project management chart has a specific task that the designer wants completed. That means every one of these charts will include several activities that make it a scheduled roadmap.

But the important isn’t the activity itself. Instead, its chronological order does all the wonders. Simply put, every process has steps, and their order matters the most for ideal task completion. Similarly, every project management chart has activities, and their order decides how befitting it will be.

3. Access The Program

The actual practical steps start from this part. To access your software, head over to the browser to download it. The download process is a no-brainer. You just have to use the official website that has the safe and latest version ready for you.

Furthermore, you must install and create an account to expose yourself to its interface. These processes are also extremely simple. But still if you face difficulty installing, the program has got you covered with its installation instructions.

How To Create a Project Management Chart In EdrawMax1

4. Select Your Project Management Chart Layout

Once inside the interface, you’ll see a couple of options hanging around. The most obvious will be a big column on the left side with plenty of options. The first one will be New. Click it and another sub-column will appear on its right.

Find the Project Management Chart in its subcategory of Business. Click it, and you’ll have several management charts in front of you. These include Gantt charts, Checklists, Project Timeline Charts, and many more. Select any of these you want to create and double-click them.

How To Create a Project Management Chart In EdrawMax2

5. Customize The Chart

Once you double-click the chart template, your basic layout design will transfer to the edit screen. That’s where you’ll make changes to generate a desirable product. You can add, remove, or replace components. Also, you can use it to create new symbols and add them to your personal library for future use.

EdrawMax also allows you to change the color scheme and text of the charts. But honestly, all that features are just the tip of the iceberg. You can explore and find much more that this program packs for you.

How To Create a Project Management Chart In EdrawMax3

6. Select Your Format

Once done with the project, you’ll want to export it for further usage. Before exporting it, decide the desired format you want to export in. The program supports 14 different formats. So, it’ll help you share charts with anyone with or without EdrawMax.

7. Export Or Publish The Chart

Click File and Save As to get the export dialogue for exporting your chart. Here you can find the file location and click Save to export it. Also, you can publish it under your name as a template on its community using the Publish button in the top right corner. It may help someone design their chart in minutes.

Why is EdrawMax ideal for project management charts?

There are tons of programs to create project management charts for users. However, only some of them have the potential to be as good as EdrawMax. Here are some of the reasons why this program is the top chart and graph maker of the list:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Simplest task execution
  • Hassle-free and all-in-one software with more than 14 formats supported for export.
  • Support imports from other programs like Visio to keep your working behavior functional.
  • Additional template community with thousands of editable charts to choose from.

The template community is its biggest green flag that tempts users to choose it as their chart maker. Who wouldn’t want a completely functional project management chart with a single click? It’s a deal no one can turn down.


No doubt that creating the project management chart isn’t easy at all. It all appears to be difficult and confusing, especially for people with minimum design knowledge. However, there are ways that can simplify the process a bit. These “ways” are chart-making software.

The top of the list is EdrawMax, with its free premium features and most broad template community. On this social platform, you can find charts related to every aspect of business, design, architecture, education, and many more.


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