How to Create the Perfect Advert for a Charity Fundraiser

Advertising is not an easy business.

After all, whether it is for the newest iPhone or a pair of shoes, you are aiming to convince people to part with their money for a product or experience. And, when it comes to fundraising for charity, it gets a whole lot harder, as there is no gift or experience to offer people.

So, creating the perfect advert for your charity is essential, and this article breaks down some top tips to follow to design the quintessentially perfect advert for your fundraising efforts.

Define a Budget

OK, so firstly, you will need to define a budget for the advertising. Assuming that you already have designed the advert, your focus should now shift to the platforms that can showcase the advert and the costs of doing so. It can be worth applying for Google Ad Grants that are aimed at charities, as this will allow you a set amount of pay-per-click advertising each month on this well-known platform. So, that will be a load off!

Identify Your Target Audience

This is an important first step to ensuring that your charity gets the appropriate response. Consider who you are trying to reach with your advertisement, as this will help you tailor the messaging and design of your ad to appeal to your specific audience. For example, if your charity is aiming to promote a better life for farmed animals, the adverts are not exactly going to do well on a website that talks about how to butcher meat effectively. So, by knowing who your target audience is and the websites that they use, your advert will have a better chance of promoting your fundraiser.

Use the Right Visuals

A good visual can go a long way in grabbing people’s attention and getting them interested in your fundraiser. People will donate to a cause if they feel connected to it on an emotional level, so consider sharing a story about someone who has been impacted by the cause you are supporting or about the impact that donations will have. If you are setting up a charity for animals, it can be worth showing visuals or videos of the animals that have been helped by your charity’s efforts. Be aware, however, that if you are working with Google charity ads to bolster your advertisements, there will be strict guidelines that need to be adhered to, which may prohibit the use of certain imagery. So, be careful, and aim to stay within these limitations.

Make the Ask

It is always important to be crystal clear when it comes to promoting a charity. Be straightforward about what you are asking people to do, whether it’s to donate money or to share your ad with their network. Or, if you are aiming your advert at people who live in the area near the headquarters of your charity, you can even ask for volunteers.

Research and Development

Consider running a few different versions of your ad to see which performs the best. This can help you fine-tune your approach and get the most out of the budget that you have to hand.

It will also help you to assess the best types of footage and visuals for your future charity adverts and can help you to develop a brand or theme that people will associate with your non-profit.


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