How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With EdrawMax

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Circuit Diagram, or Electrical Diagram or Elementary Diagram Electronic Schematic, is created by electrical engineers before they set out to build the actual electronic system of any house or building. Traditionally, circuit diagrams are used for multipurpose, namely to design, construct, and perform any electrical equipment maintenance-related task.

Some of the primary requirements of using an electric circuit are:

  • Understanding the flow of current in any electrical system.
  • Understanding the usage of different components that defines the electrical system.
  • Analyzing these circuit diagram symbols and understanding how to reduce the workload by maintaining productivity.

The best possible way to create a circuit diagram is by using powerful software. With the help of circuit diagram software, one can create, customize, and share highly complicated electronic schematics. Some of the major reasons behind using circuit diagram software are:

  • You don’t need any technical expertise to create a circuit diagram. The knowledge of schematics is needed, but with the in-built tools, a beginner can easily start with basic circuit diagramming.
  • Circuit diagram software, like EdrawMax, offers a live presentation option. This comes in handy when a student needs to showcase the circuit diagram to their peers.
  • With the help of circuit diagram software, you can assure your team that all the components used in the diagram are universally accepted.

Frequently Used Circuit Symbols

Just like any diagram, circuit diagrams require a basic understanding of frequently used symbols. In this section, we are going to outline some of the basic circuit symbols that we use for drawing the circuits. A few frequently used circuit symbols are as follows:

  • Earth Electrode: It is a metal plate buried in the earth. Its primary function is to provide a reliable conductive path of the fault current to the current.
  • Cell: Cells are electronic devices that contain electrodes. These electrodes are immersed in electrolytes and are used to generate the entire system’s current.
  • Source: In an electrical system, the source is a part of a field-effect transistor from which the carrier flows into the mentioned channel, which contains the inter-electrode.
  • Ideal Source: An ideal source includes an ideal voltage source. These sources are commonly used for analytical purposes.
  • Capacitor: These are the devices that are used to store electric changes. In most cases, capacitors consist of one or more points of multiple conductors, and we add an insulator to establish a separation between them.

There are over 2000+ electrical circuit symbols that we use while creating different levels of circuit diagrams. It is humanly impossible to remember all such symbols, which is why we recommend checking out such tools that help users by giving them access to the right set of tools.

How to Make a Circuit Diagram Effortlessly?

Circuit diagramming is a complex process. It requires a basic understanding of components, labeling, layout, and more. Most students who are just starting or professionals in this field require a tool that would help them make a circuit diagram effortlessly. You can start circuit diagramming by going ahead with the basic process of using a pen and a notebook. However, the result may look unprofessional, and you will have difficulty explaining it to someone who is not from an electrical engineering background.

In such scenarios, EdrawMax comes in handy. The powerful tool is equipped with 100s of features that would help you draw a circuit diagram effortlessly.

Check out the following steps if you are planning to draw a circuit diagram with free software:

  • Download Circuit Diagram Software: EdrawMax comes in both offline and online versions. Depending on your need and requirements, you can download it from the official website or head to EdrawMax Online to access the web version. In both versions, you will need first to register to access the built-in tools, like personal cloud storage.

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With

After logging into the system, search ‘circuit diagram’ in the search bar or head to the ‘Engineering’ diagram type and click on the sub-category labeled ‘Electrical Engineering.’ In this sub-category, you will find existing layouts for circuit diagrams. Click on any of the electrical engineering diagram types and get yourself started with the circuit diagramming process.

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With

  • User-Generated Templates: EdrawMax has a template community where registered users share their designs with others. Head to the ‘Templates’ section from the left and look for ‘Circuit Diagram’ in the search bar. The system will share 100+ circuit diagram templates, like Parallel Circuit Diagram, Series Circuit Diagram, Bedroom Circuit Diagram, Bluetooth Speaker Circuit Diagram, House Wiring Circuit Diagram, and more.

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With

Check out the components of these circuit diagram templates and select the one that comes close to your requirement. With the ‘Use Immediately’ feature, you can instantly duplicate the selected template’s contents and import them to your drawing board.

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With

  • Add Symbols: EdrawMax comes with 25,000+ vector-enabled symbols. Head to the ‘Symbols’ library from the top bar and look for Engineering symbols. From this segment, you can import thousands of circuit symbols that would come in handy. Some of the prominent circuit diagram symbols in this tool are Transistor PNP, Transistor NPN, JFET (PNP) JFET (PNP), Diode, Transverse, Breakdown, Oblique Connector, Single Arrow, and more. Use these symbols as and where required and make your circuit diagram.

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With

  • Go Creative: If you are a practiced professional who has created circuit diagrams in the past and knows your way around the electrical system, we recommend going ahead with the blank drawing. With the blank drawing, you can create your circuit diagram from scratch. Use the built-in features of EdrawMax to start creating the circuit diagram.

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With

Start by adding the layout or the boundary for your system. Now add different components that would go along with your requirements. Start labeling this content so that it becomes easier for others to understand. Use the ‘Connectors’ option from the top bar to make relevant connections between different components.

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With

Once you have added all the required components, you can start the customization process.

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With

  • Export & Share: EdrawMax comes with a multi-format export option. After designing the circuit diagram, head to the export section and save the file offline in multiple formats, including JPEG, PNG, PDF, SVG, TIFF, VSDX, Office, and more. You can even share the circuit diagram online or present it using the slideshow feature.

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With

Final Thoughts

Circuit diagramming may look difficult, but if one understands the components, drawing it becomes simpler. Ensure that all of your circuit diagrams are correctly marked and labeled. In addition to this, always use universally accepted components while drawing your circuit diagrams. This way, everyone who reads the circuit diagram would understand the working of the given electronic system. To correctly draw a circuit diagram, we recommend using EdrawMax. The 2D circuit diagram software is free to use and offers various customization options. The free templates, symbols, export options, and online resources make it one of the best circuit diagram software in the market.

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