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How to Find a Flat For Rent in Pune

Are you searching for flats on rent in Pune? If yes, this article will definitely become an ultimate guide to find flats on rent in Pune.

Pune is located in the middle of beautiful and scenic view of the Sahyadri mountains. This city has always pleasant climate throughout the year. Usually, people love Pune weather. Pune is famous for cardamom tea. It is one of the fastest growing cities in India in terms of industrial and technological area.

The size of Pune city is half the size of total Mumbai city. Pune is famous for cultural capital of Maharashtra. Pune has rich culture and tradition with connection to literature, music and theatre. Marathi is the native language of Maharashtra.

This article emphasizes the locality, terms and conditions on rental agreement, rental cost required to spend in Pune city.

Cost of Living Index in Pune

Pune ranks the 8th largest metropolitan economy and also has the 6th highest per capita income in India. Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra next to Mumbai. Pune is always cheaper than Mumbai. The cost-of-living-index in Pune is 27.44. Compared to Bangalore, Pune is 0.89% lower than Bangalore. If you want to save your money, you should track your expenses.

Daily Commute

Same as Mumbai city buses, Pune also has the best bus facility. This city has only one local railway station in Pune. The route is from Pune station to Lonavala. Recently, There are 2 metro lines in the city already.  Next 13 lines are working under construction. Soon, it will be proposed. 


You should choose your flat based on the availabilty of essential services provided near to your flat such as school, colleges, hospitals, groceries,office and transportation facilities.

Pune is a very safe city with a lower violence rate. Pune is always a city of convenience, where you have less traffic and pollution compared to top metropolitan cities. Even, Pune ranked top in the ease of living index several times.

Average Rental Cost in Pune

The cost for flats on rent in Pune may vary based on your location. The prices included here may change. But here, I mentioned only average rental price in Pune.

1BHK rent – Rs 4000 to Rs 12000

2BHK rent- Rs12000 to Rs30000

3BHK rent-Rs20000 to Rs45000

4BHK rent- Rs30000 to Rs75000

Most Expensive Area in Pune

The most expensive areas in Pune are Symbiosis, SB road, Hinjewadi, Baner, FC road, Kalyani nagar, Koregaon park, and Viman nagar.

In these areas, rental cost will be high for flats on rent in Pune.

Medium Expensive Area in Pune

These areas have IT companies. So, if you are an IT employee, this information will be helpful to you.Magarpatta city, Pune city(central), Kharadi, Pimple Saudagar, Yerwada, and Pimple Gaurav. 

Cheap Expensive Area in Pune

Lohegaon and Sanjay park are the cheapest rental cost areas in Pune. But the most important suggestion here is, search flats near to the expensive areas. Where you will get cheaper rental flats there. 

Upfront Costs

Every landlord follows the upfront costs to avoid negative circumstances in future. Before shifting to a new flat in Pune, you need to do upfront cost:

  • Security deposit
  • Brokerage or commission
  • Packing and moving charges
  • Parking and maintenance facilities

Security Deposit

You need to pay some amount before renting a flat in Pune. You need to pay 3 to 4 months of rental income as a payment advance to landlord.

This security deposit can save you in future when you can’t pay rental income for a month. So, the landlord can deduct it easily. If you didn’t deduct security deposit, landlord has to be more responsible to give the amount back to you.

Brokerage or Commission Fees

If you took a service from brokerage firms to search flats on rent in Pune, you should pay some charges fixed by brokers. 

Packing and Moving Charges

Before shifting to a rental flat in Pune, you should hire packing and moving services. They will guide you from packing the things, safety of your home appliances and others, and provide you transportation services also.

Parking and Maintenance Facilities

In Pune, flats must have parking facilities. You have to pay some extra charges for parking, cleaning, security guards and other extra facilities provided by them. Make sure that you should confirm with your landlord before renting a flat in Pune.


People love Pune city for its food and rich cultural heritage. Living in Pune is not so difficult as other metropolitan cities. But, be clear with your desired location where you have to get flats on rent in Pune. Because, based on your location, rental cost may vary.

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