How to Find a Good Replacement for Your Hot Tub Cover Online?

If you find your old hot tub cover gets heavier or falls apart, then you should replace it with a new one. If the cover is waterlogged, it may turn down and fail to do its job well. The old-generation hot tub covers were also not many features or long-lasting. Fortunately, there are many advanced designs of hot tub covers available at the online stores, which will solve the problem of clogging. 

There are marine-grade vinyl covers available now, which are also UV-treated to increase the hot tub covers’ lifespan. Due to such enhancements, you now have many more options to buy hot tub covers online. However, before you get on to buy a replacement cover, one needs to know about some basic things in order to choose the best ones available.

Take proper measurements to decide the dimensions of your hot tub cover

No matter what your spa’s shape is, the common measurement to take is the outside dimensions of the acrylic structure or from lip to lip. You may consider 1 inch extra too to the length and width in order to have at least half-inch extra coverage around your hot tub to play with.

The flap of the hot tub cover, which extends from bottom of foam, is called a skirt. It is actually meant for aesthetics, but if you do not consider the measurement for it later, you may be facing a problem while putting it on the cover. If there is any kind of a wooden rail, you have to measure that too from the top of the acrylic to the top of the wood

The radius of the hot tub is also a bit challenging to measure perfectly. The easiest mode of measuring the radius is to use a good carpenter square as a reference. You may need the dimensions from the beginning of the bent to the point of square if your hot tub is in square shape. The general rule, in this case, is better to be smaller than the actual.

A square hot tub is very easy to measure. You need to just take the measurements from lip to lip and add an additional 1-inch to each of the dimensions. You may also need to measure the length of the skirt to consider for cover size. For the rectangular hot tubs, the measure falls in directions as you may also need it. There are many companies offering covers that cut longer of the two sides by half.

For round-type hot tubs, measure from lip-to-lip dimension. If you measure old cover across the same, add one more inch into the skirt’s measurement. For octagonal-shaped hot tubs, measure from lip to lip and add an additional 1 inch to it. Measure one panel of octagon from point to point. You may consider the skirt length in this case too.

For free shape or ellipse type of covers, you need a template for the complete cover. The additional structures like speaker bumps, waterfalls controls, rails extra too should be measured. These features may also be accommodated with your hot tub cover. Otherwise, it will not fit well.

If you are not confident about the perfect measurements of your hot tub, then you may take the assistance of an expert in order to take the dimensions and decide the right size of your replacement hot tub cover.


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