How to Find a Great Siding Contractor?

Siding replacement is a major project requiring a significant financial commitment. When done right, the siding will protect your property’s exterior, add value in appearance and appeal, and contribute to the property’s insulation. However, these returns on investment are only possible if you’ve chosen the right material and hired siding experts in Vancouver for the project.

Unfortunately, not all siding installation contractors are professional in delivering their services. Sifting the unprofessional contractors from the real deal can be tricky, especially as everybody claims to be the best at what they do. Below are some tips to help you navigate the options and choose a great siding contractor for your next siding project.

Insurance and Licensing

It is important to check the siding contractor’s license and insurance before letting them on your property to work. Not checking the licensing could mean you’re hiring an unprofessional siding contractor or, worse still, a siding contractor without appropriate work authorization in your community.

Insurance coverage is also important, as this can determine who is liable for accidents, injuries, and damages. Ask if the siding contractor has proof of property damage cover, liability coverage, and workers’ compensation insurance. The property damage cover ensures that you are reimbursed if the siding contractor messes up the project or damages your home during the project. The liability coverage covers accidents on the job, while workers’ compensation insurance ensures that the contractor’s insurer adequately compensates injured workers.

Reviews and Referrals

Reviews and referrals are the social proof needed to boost your confidence in the siding contractor’s services and service quality. Look for siding contractors with excellent reviews given by satisfied customers. Five-star ratings on third-party review websites like Yelp, Angie’s List, BBB, etc., can help you sort the best from the rest.

While looking through the reviews, pay attention to how the customers describe the company in terms of customer service, communication, service quality, flexible financing, affordable costs, etc.

Detailed, Written Contract

Contracts are an important part of any hiring process. These documents designate tasks and responsibilities to the parties involved and ensure that each party complies with their side of the agreement.

Ensure that the siding contractor offers detailed contracts stating what they will do, when, how, their fees, and what happens when you’re unsatisfied with the service quality. The contract should also indicate how much you’re to pay and the payment schedule for the services rendered.

It is important to read the contract fully before signing the dotted lines. Reading the entire contract gives you a better overview of the fine print and helps you decide whether the terms are agreeable or not.

Projected Cost and Payment Plans

As stated earlier, a siding replacement project can be cost intensive. Most homeowners would rather finance such a project, spreading payment over an agreed period. If you’re financing, it’s best to find out the details of the payment plan and associated fees. You can also check for flexibility and repayment fees to ensure you won’t be charged extra for offsetting the loan faster than the agreed loan term.

It is important to get all of your agreements down in writing. Preferably, all terms agreed to should be in your final contract for easy referencing.

Warranties On Materials and Labor

Material warranties offer you the peace of mind of knowing that the manufacturer has gone to the lengths to ensure you have access to the very best products. Labor warranty, on the other hand, ensures that the siding installer has done the right thing and can be held liable for errors compromising your sidings.

Ask the siding installer if they use material with a warranty and whether their services are covered. This promise should increase your confidence in the contractor’s abilities.

Siding Contractor’s Location

Location is important when hiring a contractor to work on your home or business. You always want a local contractor that is nearby, available, and reachable. Hiring siding contractors from other states or regions pose several issues, including a license to work in your state or community, logistic expenses incurred to get to your project, fees, and availability.

It is always better to look for locally available, experienced, and top-rated siding installation contractors for your installation needs. You can be sure that they’ll charge the community average or a little over and won’t demand expensive logistics costs to get to your project.

Preferred Siding Products and Brands

The quality of siding products used by the contractor can give you an idea of what they do and how they make it work. Siding contractors with a high taste in brands often easily offer product quality and labor guarantees. You’re better off using the top siding products from trusted brands for your next project.

The above considerations can help you sift the chaff from the real siding installers and ultimately improve your experience on the project.


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