How to find a natural looking wig

If you have lost part or all of your hair, you may want to consider wigs as you implement growth strategies to help your yarns return faster. Or, hey, maybe you want to check out the color of the new autumn without dyeing your hair, or try the altar. After all, there are thousands of options out there.


The complicated part? Wigs vary in quality and price, and the search is very scary for the unemployed. Add words like monofilament,lace front cosplay wigs glue and hand tied in the mix, someone who doesn’t know much about wigs can come out.

We asked the stylists to break it all down for us to help remove this process and find the most natural wig. Here is what they said.

Choose one that is made of human hair for the most natural looking wig.

There are two types of wigs: human hair and synthetic. As you might guess, human hair provides the most natural look, says Fae Norris, hair stylist at Rock Paper Salon. Because it is real, it breaks down and swells like natural hair. It can also be decorated in a dry, curved or ironed form, as in business, as before.

However, there are different types of human hair. According to Norris, the slightly sought-after European is the most sought after and the most expensive. Hindi, which is softer and more structured, is also very popular, but a bit cheaper. According to Norris, Chinese hair, which tends to be thick and straight, is the most expensive and the most common.


According to Norris, expect to pay around $ 200-500 (or more) for high-quality human hair toppers for women. If this is higher than your price point, don’t worry: wigs have come a long way and you can find a great synthetic option for close to $ 100.

It should also be fully laced or covered.

Sinthia Lumzy, a wig dye and Design.ME hair ambassador, says both the full-lace and lace-up wings look natural. According to Norris, the front of the lace can breathe a little, even if it is slightly accessible from a full-lace wig, and even slightly tilts. In his opinion, the best option is to split the wig in different ways and wear the update for the most flexibility.

It has a hand-held monofilament cover.

Although more expensive due to the complex manufacturing process, 100 per cent handmade lids have the softest, lightest and most natural structure, says Norris. This is because each strand of hair is placed separately in a hand-laced lid. The result is a wig that can be easily separated and resembles the shape of your natural head.

Yes, you can buy them online, but it’s better to go to the store.

Lumzy said there are a lot of online wig sellers. RPGShow, Mayvenn and Hair Stop & Shop are just a few examples.

When it comes to finding the most natural wigs, there is no such thing as a personal experiment, says Norris. Wig shops will measure your head correctly, plus it is great to have a large number of samples before choosing.

Once you have found your park, bring it to your project.

After jumping out of the most natural looking wigs, you may be wondering why you should spend more money to get it decorated. Norris recommends bringing your wig to a professional stylist to ensure that it matches your look. Most hairstyles have hair advantages and should be trimmed and straightened like natural hair.

Gently wash the wig to keep it.

According to Norris, the normal life of a human hair wig can take several years if properly cared for – about five times longer than artificial hair. Proper care is essential to prolong the life of the wig. According to Norris, wash the wig with sulfate-free shampoo every six to eight weeks.


Of course, you want to keep it right.

According to Norris, one of the best ways to increase the life of a wig, whether synthetic or human hair, is to wash it and put it on a wig stand.

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