How To Find A Reliable Epoxy Flooring Contractor

Epoxy flooring is an excellent asset for homes, businesses, and garages. The flooring solution is durable, inexpensive, and can withstand all activities, including industrial stains. However, getting the best out of your epoxy flooring requires hiring the right epoxy flooring company in Sarasota FL.

Hiring the right epoxy installation company is often easier on paper. However, the tips below will guide you through the process and smoothen your hiring journey.

Pre-Hiring Consideration

It is important to know some things before looking for an epoxy installation company. One of the essential pre-hiring considerations is the type of flooring you want and its qualities. There are different types of flooring based on their durability, appearance, and slip resistance. Below are the types of epoxy floor coating to choose from;

Water-based epoxy floor coating: This floor coating isn’t as durable and long-lasting as solvent-based flooring. However, it is cheaper and perfect for low-traffic areas.

Solvent-based epoxy floor coating: This is a durable option for residential and commercial spaces with decent foot traffic. The installation involves the use of hazardous solvents and, as such, requires professional installation.

Solid-only epoxy floor coating: This is the hardest and most durable epoxy floor coating available. It is made from solid epoxy and can be challenging and dangerous to install. This flooring is perfect for garages, auto shops, factories, and other heavy-duty facilities. They should only be installed by trained and experienced contractors.

Asides from consideration based on quality, durability, slip-resistance, and appearance, you should also consider the different colors and looks available. Some of the popular options include;

Self-leveling epoxy: This offers a shiny and level surface finish. It is applied on top of an existing floor to protect it from cracks, scratches, and dents. Self-leveling epoxy is available in various designs, styles, and color options.

Graveled epoxy: This is decorative flooring with a smooth and trim finish. The final outcome offers a gravel appearance suitable for home and business use.

Pre-tinted or metallic epoxy: This resin has already been tinted with bits of speckled color. It presents a tinted and varied outlook when solid.

After settling on the best options for your property based on needs and preferences, you also need to answer a few questions that’ll guide the project. Some important questions you need answers to include;

  • Where do I intend to install my epoxy flooring, and what is the sub-floor type?
  • How much traffic does the area witness?
  • Do I have specific style or design preferences?
  • What is the installation deadline for this project?

Epoxy Company Hiring Considerations

You can evaluate epoxy installation companies now that you’ve done your background research on what you want and what’s most suitable for your space. Consider the tips below to hire the right company;

Research Epoxy Installation Companies

There are plenty of epoxy installation companies, all promising the best services and outcomes. Sorting through the list can be overwhelming, however, it is a necessary evil to ensure an excellent outcome.

Start by asking for recommendations from friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors with enviable epoxy flooring in their homes or businesses. You can also do a simple internet search for the best epoxy flooring companies or contractors in your community.

Collect a list of reputable companies and begin deeper research into each one to eliminate shady or untrusted providers. While researching each company, pay attention to the reviews left by past customers regarding their work, communication, customer service, and quality.

For reviews, it is best to consider third-party websites and forums where home and business owners freely discuss companies and the quality of their services. Visit websites like Yelp, Houzz, and Angi.

Initiate Contact

Proceed to contact each remaining contractor after eliminating potential hires based on their reputation, service quality, and reviews. During your phone/email conversation, pay attention to the quality of customer service, response rate, and willingness to come to you for a site inspection.

Most epoxy flooring contractors will offer to schedule an inspection visit before quoting a price for the installation process. Prioritize companies that offer on-site evaluation and pricing, as their estimates are often more accurate.

During the inspection, pay attention to the company or contractor’s professionalism, confidence, and communication. You should also ask about any past work the company has done as well as quotes for the services needed.

Compare Quotes and Other Factors

Deciding who to hire after collecting quotes should be simpler. Consider the price quotes, past projects, experience, insurance coverage, and how long each company has been in business.

You should also consider your confidence in each contractor’s services based on what you experienced during the on-site inspection service. Focus on choosing a company that understands the task and has previously handled similar projects.

The tips above will ultimately guide your selection process and improve your chances of a satisfactory outcome.


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