How to Find Inspiration as an Entrepreneur

No matter which stage of your entrepreneurial career you happen to be at, finding inspiration to grow as a professional is always handy.

Whether you find it through your colleagues and the people that surround you, or you carve your own path and find the perfect progression opportunity by yourself, inspiration can help motivate you to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Sometimes, it can be harder to find self-motivation than one might initially realize. This can be disheartening, demoralizing, and leave you feeling somewhat empty.

As an entrepreneur, it is perfectly natural to feel a little deflated from time to time – it can be an intensely tough job to conquer, after all. In the lower moments, igniting your inspiration and renewing your love and passion for the business world can make the difference between success and failure.

Running with new ideas and coming up with entirely new concepts is difficult at the best of times, but when you lack the inspiration, it becomes almost impossible.

Here are some top tips to help you find inspiration throughout your day-to-day life as an entrepreneur.

Write Down Your Ideas

No matter how wild, weird or wonderful your ideas are, it’s worth writing them down. Even if they just provide you with a quick laugh later on down the line, it’s important to take notes.

The act of writing the words could help you better visualize potential winning concepts. Cementing your ideas in writing will likely get the creative energy flowing, and you don’t need to carry out a notepad with you, not when you can use your phone to take notes (unless the old school way is preferable).

Plus, even the smallest ideas might have the chance to evolve and transform into a magical business move at some point, simply because you managed to capture it when it was just a tiny spark.

Talk to Your Employees

Your employees can be an incredible source of inspiration, so never forget to spend some quality time around them, listening and ultimately learning from what they have to say.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they have nothing to learn, which in itself can make for a lack of inspiration, but it can also prevent you from growing your professional skillset.

Your employees will likely have a story to tell, a skillset to share, a piece of advice, or maybe just an ear to lend.

You may want to set aside time for team-building exercises in order to do this, but whatever you decide to do, making sure that you remain present and surrounded by like-minded individuals is a must.

Creating a workplace culture that thrives on creativity, communication, and understanding is critical to anyone’s mission success, on both a personal and a wider level.

It’s crucial that people are empowered to speak and share their ideas at all times, and this kind of culture starts with the owners and managers.

Giving people the space and the freedom that they need to thrive can foster inspiration, which in turn may help you find your own inspiration in the future.

Go Somewhere New

A change of scenery can make all the difference. Stuck in the same old setting every day can start to drive feelings of stagnation, disillusionment, and boredom. Breaking the cycle of monotony is incredibly important, and it needs to be done by anyone wishing to dream bigger.

Entrepreneurs are required to constantly look out for the chance to make new connections, and this can be hard to do if you’re always in the same place.

Whether you need a vacation or you think that it’s time to shake up the scenery and find a new office, going somewhere new, even if it’s just for a few days, can be the perfect solution.

Keeping your mind dexterous and adaptable (key elements needed for entrepreneurial success) is a real challenge when your perspective never has a chance to change. Seeing the world from a different point of view can be an immensely inspirational experience.

Read Inspirational Stories

While it can be easy to think the news is all doom and gloom, there are plenty of beautiful success stories out there; just look at Mike Savage in New Canaan for a prime example.

Whatever you think success looks like, there’s probably a story that encapsulates it perfectly, so don’t be afraid to read about the lives of those that have gone before you. Reading a success story could grant you the boost of inspiration to help you tell yourself: my dreams are possible after all!

If you’d rather look a little closer to home when it comes to finding success stories, why not ask your friends and family about their own journeys? Perhaps your employees can provide you with a story or two about a time they flourished in their current role; whatever the case may be, everyone has a tale to tell, so it’s worth keeping your eyes and ears open at all times.

You could always just Google it, too – you’re never short on stories when all the world’s information is at the touch of a button.

Success stories aren’t just confined to money-related achievements by any means. Successful people come in many different forms, just like success itself. Whether that happens to be a nurse aiding patients back to health or an athlete that wins a trophy for the first time – there’s no point limiting yourself to the world of business. Once you look out further, you might discover that inspiration strikes you in the strangest moments.

Take an Online Course

Online learning is in full force. It’s more accessible and higher quality than it ever was before, so it’s worth taking advantage of whenever you get an opportunity.

Learning can be exceptionally inspirational for an entrepreneur (and anyone for that matter), and the online flexibility means that even the busiest among you have a chance to complete a new course.

Not only can you learn new skills, form valuable connections, and expand your horizons, but the act of learning and pursuing education is inspiring all by itself. Educational environments should be designed to inspire students and learners the world over, even if it’s in a digital capacity piso wifi pause.

Don’t be afraid to push the boat out either (not that you are, since you’re an entrepreneur, after all); it’s worth taking a course just because you’re passionate about the subject, rather than what kind of monetary value it represents.

Visualize Your Goals for the Future

What exactly do you want your future to look like? Perhaps it’s a steady cash flow, to be the owner of a large multi-national business, to have a relaxing retirement, or all or none of the above – whatever the answer, it’s always important to look toward the future when seeking inspiration.

Your goals for the future can inspire you today, so don’t be afraid to hope or dream; it’s probably what got you started as an entrepreneur in the first place. You may want to write them down and lock them away in a box for safekeeping, or maybe you would prefer to just keep them as notes on your phone as a constant reminder of what you’re working for.

Whatever the case may be, having goals is vital, no matter what field of work you’re in. Setting yourself milestones that you can cross off the list when you reach them can be inspiring and help you self-motivate, especially when you know they’re achievable.


Networking is a terrifying concept for some, whereas others thrive on the prospect of making new connections.

If you fall into the former category, it’s important to recognize that it is an important part of business in today’s world, and thanks to LinkedIn and social media, it’s easier than ever.

The more people you meet, the more opportunities you have to get inspired; it’s as easy as that. Of course, meeting new people can be exhausting, but once you take some time to actively listen to a story or two, you may find that it becomes a whole lot easier.

Attending events is also fairly good for finding inspiration, so the next time you feel like turning down a networking opportunity, just think about your search for inspiration and how it can occur suddenly and in the most bizarre forms.

Conduct a Self-Evaluation

It is always worth taking a step back from the action and evaluating your own performance. If you can honestly critique yourself, you can easily find inspiration within your own achievements.

You may find it difficult to think about this at a time when you’re searching for inspiration, but self-evaluation is always important, and it’s necessary to help you grow as both an entrepreneur and a person outside the professional environment.

You might want to start by writing down a list of all your achievements, no matter how small they happen to be. Anything that makes you proud or you’re happy with will work as well, so make sure you fill up your list with whatever you can think of.

Looking back at your list can help you remind yourself of all the hard work you’ve done over the years, and maybe it will inspire you to keep your entrepreneurial dreams alive.

Get Creative with Art

Art is a truly inspiring activity, and it can help get the mind buzzing and the creative energy flowing, even if you’re not an artist in the slightest.

Just try throwing some paint onto a canvas Jackson Pollock style or try your hand at photography; whatever you decide on, don’t hesitate to try out something new. It may engage a part of your brain that you need to find inspiration.

Get Lost in Nature

Wondering through the string brilliance of the natural world can be a great way to escape the humdrum and relentlessness of modern life for a while. All you need to do is take a quick walk in the great outdoors and pay a little more attention to your surroundings, preferably in a place away from the urban areas.

Nature can be inspiring, and it can help you clear your mind, allowing you to put life in a new perspective and hopefully find the inspiration you need to improve your entrepreneurial acumen. According to some reliable reports, experiencing nature can even make you kinder and happier.

If you don’t have anywhere near you to do this, it’s important to take some time away from work and explore new scenery, so maybe it’s time to take a vacation.


Speaking of vacations, rest time is the best time, and unfortunately, it’s often overlooked by the busiest among you.

Rest is crucial for overall health and sanity, and without it, inspiration can be impossibly difficult to uncover.

Some people always put work first, especially if they’re entrepreneurs trying to run an operation with a skeleton staff. This should not be the case, as your health will likely begin to suffer fairly quickly.

If you’re too tired or overwhelmed to think properly, there is little chance you’ll be able to foster a working environment that emanates inspiration, so make sure you have time off when you need it.

Sometimes, this means just unplugging yourself for the evening. By turning off your phone and your electronics in favor of reading a book, writing in a journal, meditating, taking a walk or cooking a nice meal, you may have an easier time winding down and, ultimately, resting.

Rearrange Your Workspace

An overly cluttered or unoptimized workspace may be the reason for your lack of inspiration, so perhaps it’s time to start rearranging.

Decluttering is always a good first step, as is making sure you get the basics right, like letting in the natural light.

Your surroundings can have a big impact on your working experience, whether you work from home or you’re in the office – it can be a source of immense inspiration that shouldn’t ever go unnoticed.

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