How to Find the Best Sales Funnel Tools for Your Online Business

Every entrepreneur has their favorite tool for funnel building, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll buy what your fellow entrepreneur has because what works for them may not be the right fit for your business, no matter if you’re in the same industry. So, when you start looking for the best tool, consider your business needs, budget, and business goals for at least the next five years. Moreover, there are many aspects of tools that you should check, such as features, pricing, case studies, popularity, and ratings. You could even end up combining two or more tools to get all the features you want for the right price. 

This blog will tell you things to do before selecting any sales funnel for your business, and the must-have characteristics of any sales funnel. 

  1. Things To Do Before Choosing A Sales Funnel Tool 

Below are 5 things you must do before buying any tool for building sales funnels and landing pages. 

1.1 Understand Your Business Needs 

Before diving into the market of sales funnel builders, analyze your business first. Thoroughly understand the needs and how you can make them better. Here are a few questions you should think about:

  • What is your business type? B2B OR B2C?
  • What is the size of your business?
  • Which tools have served you best in the past?
  • What is your budget to buy software?
  • Did you afford the expense of third-party software? 
  • Which team wants a sales funnel tool? Sales or marketing?
  • Do you need a web developer in the team?

1.2 Pricing Considerations 

There are two primary purposes of sales funnel software. First, generate leads and increase your sales, and second, build your online presence at low rates. The best thing about a funnel builder is that it cuts the cost of hiring developers, designers, or funnel strategy makers. Anyone with zero coding experience can build the best sales funnel with ready-to-built templates.

Collectively, the software is an incredible investment, but as long as it is affordable and does not hinder your budget. Unplanned expenses disturb your whole finance department, which highly impacts your profit. Even sometimes, the initial plan also affects your budget, especially if you’re a startup or small business. 

So, to get suitable software without spending extra money, do proper research and compare all features, tools, and integrations. Moreover, look for things they are offering and things you need. 

1.3 Sales Funnel Tools Comparison Guides 

Secondly, spend some time reading comprehensive comparison guides on the internet between different tools like Builderall vs. WordPress or ClickFunnels vs Kartra. The comparison makers clearly state the differences, similarities, features, pricing comparison, pros and cons, and reasons why you should buy the particular software. Some of them also have FAQs that clear any confusion left there. 

1.4 Sales Funnel Builder Reviews 

You can also check out the reviews of active users on the web. People using the sales funnel tools often make Youtube videos, write Quora answers and blogs about their experience with the platform. As every person’s experience, business type, and condition is different, you can’t totally depend on it, but an approx idea can be taken. 

  1. Features in Sales Funnels You Must Consider 

A sales funnel tool should have plenty of features, but unfortunately, there are fewer all-in-one solutions in the market; moreover, the pricing plans are pretty expensive. So, here we have discussed only the most important elements of a good funnel builder. 

2.1 Ease of use 

The sales funnel tool should be easy to understand for your team. Tools with complex dashboards are hard to manage and run. You should choose a user-friendly tool, especially if you don’t have any skilled technical person in your team. 

2.2 Lead management 

Sales funnel builders are developed to help you gain more leads, so you should examine lead generation, nurturing, and conversion features. Also, check the campaign channels they offer. 

2.3 Campaign automation 

Your sales funnel tool should be capable of automating engagement campaigns. They are necessary to target your ads in the recommendation and interest-based feed. 

2.4 Analytics 

When you are trying to engage your audience and convert prospects into leads, there should be intelligent analytics to track the progress and provide a detailed report about your campaigns.

2.5 Integration 

A great sales funnel should have the capability of integrating with any eCommerce platform, website, or payment tool. Find the one right fit that seamlessly integrates with all third-party solutions in no time. 

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