How to get your first casino win in India

How to get your first casino win in India

Not everyone manages to win money at the casino the first time. This happens because of mistakes and haste. Professional gamblers in India play by strategy and try to use all the advantages of online casinos.

Five basic tips for beginners

You can’t rely on luck alone. Yes, in slots everything is based on a random number generator and the gambler cannot influence the result of the draw in any way. However, you can try to develop a betting strategy that will help pay off several losses for one win.

Beginning gamblers should take into account a few recommendations:

  • Do not bet everything on one spin. Money in the devices is not earned at once, but sequentially. It is better to start betting little by little and only then, when sufficient experience appears, move on to risky bets.
  • Don’t play everything. For a constant game for money, it is better to choose 2-3 machines. If the user selects a different slot each time, the result will not work.
  • Set specific goals. If you need to win 10,000 INR, don’t try to earn more. This winning can fall already in the first spin in a random slot machine. It is better to devote most of the time to demo mode and training.
  • Do not forget about offers from the operator. The casino administration in India offers a wide bonus program. In most cases, the prize structure is personalized. The user receives individual promotional codes with free spins every week.
  • Don’t fight for jackpots. It is better to win 10 times for 100 INR than once for 1000. You can simply accumulate a large prize amount on your Indian casino account balance. Generally, this approach is safer.

When registering at a casino in India, do not forget about the rules. Each establishment has its own conditions. For example, in almost all licensed casinos you cannot create more than one account. The violator can be blacklisted and lose all previously won money.

How to win at a casino with bonuses

Bonus funds are credited to a special virtual wallet. The balance of credits is displayed next to real money. The more money in the bonus account, the better. This helps to take advantage of the financial reserve and not be at zero when there are only a few Indian rupees left in the wallet.

In Indian casinos, in most cases, free spins or gifts for deposits are offered as a bonus. Account replenishment can be increased by 100%, 200%, 300%. After activating the bonus, the money appears on the bonus wallet. You can’t immediately use them for betting. To begin with, the player needs to lose his own funds.

The bonus wallet opens automatically as soon as the gambler spends all his money. With these loans, you can get big winnings. The chances of this increase if before that the player has not caught a single successful spin for 20-30 minutes.

The bonus is especially beneficial to use in machines with high volatility. In these slots, it takes a long time to wait for a winning combination. Therefore, often their money is simply not enough. If there is a bonus reserve, then it is possible to minimize losses from a loss.

As soon as the gambler wins money from the bonus account, the winnings are transferred to the same wallet. To get the right to withdraw funds, you need to wager the bonus according to the specified wager.

What tactics to choose for classic slots

It is customary to play traditional slot machines according to Martingale tactics. This means that the user will increase each unsuccessful bet by x2. Thanks to this, one win will cover all losses.

By the way, it is better to focus on slots with free spins. When there are free spins in the emulator, a visitor to a gambling establishment is very likely to catch a payout within an hour. The main thing is to have enough money on the profile balance.

The gambler can also find new free spins through promo codes. Free coupons are available at every casino. More than others get active players who daily deposit money into the account.

What can you get after a week of playing in the casino

If you can’t win in the early days, don’t despair. Lucky not all beginners. In addition, everyone needs to spend at least a week in an online casino in India.

It is after 7 days of active play (albeit with losses) that all the options of the bonus set open. In Indian casinos, the promotion system depends on the player’s activity. Gamblers who deposit 100 INR at least once a day are eligible for cashback and participation in the loyalty program.

In large casinos, cashback reaches 30%. Even if a not so large amount is drained, this return will be quite tangible. On Monday or Friday, the player will have enough money to try his luck again. With a high degree of probability, you will be able to catch a real payout.

The loyalty program, in addition to cashback, includes other privileges:

  • New promo codes with free spins. The more free spins a player has in stock, the better. This helps not to waste time in vain and immediately play with bonuses. During paid spins, new multipliers that are capable of giving out a six-figure payout.
  • New gifts for deposits. Members of the VIP club have regular access to deposit prizes. Each new account replenishment will be increased several times.
  • Tournament invitations. Regular players can also participate in competitions. True, VIP clients have many times more competitions, and every second gambler is waiting for a solid jackpot.
  • Quick withdrawal of large amounts. A beginner will not be able to withdraw 100,000 INR at a time. The cash desk works subject to daily limits. Regular customers do not face such restrictions.

Along with the rating, the number of no deposit bonuses also grows. Users get the opportunity to play with a handicap and pay nothing for it. Coupons with no deposit prizes are issued via mail or via the support chat on the casino website.

Where to find free spins for Indian casinos

Not all bonuses are listed on Indian casino websites. Some promotions are organized only among subscribers of official communities. These can be public and channels from Telegrams.

On average, once a week, the online casino operator launches an event in which each participant can become the owner of 50 free spins. Participation is free. All the player is required to do is leave a comment with their account ID.

The results are announced after 24 hours. Winners receive free spins on their account and can immediately activate this bonus in the main game mode.






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