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How to Grow Your Social Media Following Organically?

Are you running out of patience and motivation after struggling for a long time to bag a rank in the social media rating list and continuously failing at it? Not only is this but to your disgust, your competitor’s flawed content earns him both fame and money. Additionally, you are also tired of exhausting all the techniques recommended by top Google sites in this regard. Suppose your competitor successfully gains followers, regardless of whether his content is flawed or unflawed, at an abnormal rate without any prominent innovations. In that case, people mostly use Smm Panel which provides inorganic sourcing of social media followers.

Inorganic followers are obtained by paying people to follow you on social media to achieve monetization conveniently. Rest assured that with Google’s ever-developing, sensitive AI system, scammers will soon reap the sour fruits of their scamming hacks. Never forget, “Slow and steady wins the race.” In this case, if you want to rule out the word “slow,” being steady is still the only option. Like all right paths, the one to obtaining social media organic followers might also be a bumpy one.

Consistency, persistence, and not giving up are the only virtues that will lead to your everlasting success in this field. Note that social media presence aims to keep the audience hooked to your product, service, or content. In turn, it will generate heavy traffic toward your social media profile. This article aims to revisit strategies that, if practiced with consistency and dedication, smm panel are highly likely to help you grow your social media following organically:

Choosing one or More Suitable Niches:

The first and foremost step towards success is self-awareness. You must find one or more suitable niches where you have proven yourself previously and are positive that you will do the same in the future. Your background knowledge can come in handy in this regard. It’s also a good idea to keep up with the most popular niches, both long and short term. Entertainment, health, beauty, clothing and accessories, food, current affairs, and travel are some niches people look forward to learning about and following.

Identifying Target Audience and its Preferences:

Are you ready to follow any random ABC person on social media? Certainly not. No one is. We always tend to opt for social media platforms, pages, or groups where we feel connected, informed, entertained, and secure. Remember, you can only make it to the top of social media rankings if you have complete information about your target audience’s origins, time zone, likes, dislikes, and triggers.

Opting for the Most Suitable Social Media Platform:

If you were to look for me in this huge virtual world, you are most likely to find me on Facebook and WhatsApp. You or some other person might prefer Instagram. Run some research to find the social media platform/s that is/are crowded with a large number of your target audience because this is the most likely place you will be able to connect with them to engage them to your profile later.

Optimizing own Social Media Profile: 

Kindly note that the social media market is highly saturated. AI has adopted itself by becoming smarter in diverting its valued customers/audience to websites that exactly fulfill their demands. So, there is no question about framing your bio with the optimum keywords that are most likely to generate desired search results.

Establishing and Sustaining Originality and Uniqueness:

You have finally been able to lure followers to your social media platform by successfully following the earlier strategies. Now what? Are you going to bombard them with the same old ordinary products, services, or content? Try it and witness a declining level of engagement and even followers faster than you attracted them. Just as you know your audience’s preferences, don’t underestimate their ability to identify your potential. They are smart enough to evaluate the originality of your content. So, be natural and improve yourself by learning from others instead of stealing from them.

Copying others’ ideas is as bad as stealing from them. Also, consider that your competitors will be as busy and dedicated to developing original content as you are. It is the test of your unique abilities now. Observe your competitor and weigh his strengths and weaknesses. It can be offered at competitive market prices, a mouth-watering discount, some extra products and services to go with the actual ones, giveaways, and gifts. Remember to play around with loopholes in competitors’ offers.

Forming Connection with Audience:

We humans naturally stay connected with people we meet and often collaborate with. It helps develop understanding and trust, which are crucial in the successful continuation of all relationships. The more you contact your audience, the more you understand them deeply. Engaging with your audience via personal DMs is an excellent way to keep them wrapped around your finger. It helps you at least sustain, if not elevate, your social media ranking. To keep the relationship ties as strong as availability must be maximized.

Creating Appeal to the Audience’s Senses:

As humans, we are attracted to objects that appeal to our senses. Why do you think tik-takers go viral so swiftly? It has been proven that it is easier to process visuals than words. It has been observed that social media profiles with more visual experiences are more likely to attract huger audience than those that lack relevant visuals. As you have noted, live videos have started to take over traditional videos.

Follow Trends- Better Yet, Create them:

Always remember, the world is not short of followers but leaders. Trend-setters have always been a source of inspiration for people, and people flock to follow them in the real and virtual world. So, invest your time and energy into becoming a trend-setter, and the rest will naturally follow.

Hype Up Existing Audience- Spread The Word:

This element is the intended outcome of all the strategies mentioned earlier. Since, by now, you know your audience so well, you are ready to use them as shooting stars, spreading the news of your market presence everywhere they pass through. Exciting the audience can be attained by triggering their emotions through:

  • Hashtags
  • Memes
  • Promotional deals
  • Sneak Peaks and Highlights


You must have also understood that social media is virtual but not a magical world where wonders can happen overnight. However, it doesn’t mean that wonders can’t or won’t happen. The key is to not give up on your dreams. Instead, nurture the tree of your dreams with positivity, hope, and dedication and see your social media following grow organically.


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