How to Help Your Best Friend Cope with Fertility Difficulties

Even if someone hasn’t planned to have children, learning it is unlikely or impossible for them to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term can still be very difficult news to process. Although there are other options for having children available to those with fertility issues, it can still take some time to decide which is the right path and how they feel about this diagnosis overall. If you have a close friend who has recently found this out about themselves, you might notice that they are struggling to come to terms with the situation or need some extra support at this time. Below are some ways you can be there for them and help them navigate their way through this confusing and upsetting time.

Ask if They Would Like a Night in

Not everyone is ready or willing to talk about this, and they might prefer to take some time alone initially while they process this news. It’s important to respect this and give your friend space, but asking if they would like to spend some time together can be beneficial too. Suggesting a quiet night in with just the two of you can be a good opportunity for them to speak to you in private about how their feelings, or if they don’t want to do this, at least it can be a positive distraction for them. A quiet night in will offer them some socialization without the pressure of dealing with a big crowd, and you can perhaps order take-out and watch some comforting movies that may cheer them up a little bit.

Send Them a Gift

A gift might not change their circumstances, but it does show them that they are in your thoughts and that you care. A care package filled with home-spa goodies and perhaps some foodie treats can be a lovely gesture or even a beautiful bouquet to brighten up their home. There are some other examples at Laurelbox of carefully curated gifts for those who are dealing with infertility or miscarriage if you want some further guidance on what would be appropriate.

Avoid Baby Talk

If you or other friends are currently in the process of planning a family or have recently had children, be mindful of how much this comes up in conversation. If your friend facing fertility issues asks about this, answering their questions is fine, but don’t bring this subject up yourself. If they haven’t mentioned it, it’s likely because they don’t want to discuss this right now as they are still processing their current situation. Try to pick topics that might distract them from this to give them some respite from baby and pregnancy talk and thoughts.

Struggles with fertility are something that many people might face in their lifetime, and it can be a difficult situation to find themselves in. While this certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t still have a family if this is something that they want, it can take time to process this news, and they will need the support of their friends while they do so. If you have a close friend who is facing this issue right now, think about the tips above and see if they help you to support and comfort them.


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