How to integrate QR codes this National Cake Day

It’s the sweet tooth time to celebrate National Cake Day! There’s always room for the beloved dessert and new flavors on the QR code menu.

Families and friends flock to their favorite patisserie, cake shop, bakery, or confectionery to have some cake over laughs and conversations. If you are a restaurant, make the celebration special by offering a custom experience through QR codes.

The great thing about using QR code technology is that restaurants can do plenty of different integrations. The technology is versatile and easy to use — from a menu QR code to a QR code for social media.

As a business owner in the food and beverage industry, here’s how to integrate QR codes in celebration of National Cake Day.

1. QR codes as a cake decoration

What makes the cake extra special is the decorations put into it. People craft some of the most thoughtful words, but some thoughts are better expressed through videos.

Cake shops can incorporate QR codes as a cake design for customers who want to make customized messages for their loved ones. When scanned, customers are redirected to a video message, expressing words of affirmation, gratitude, and glee toward the celebrant.

With the improvements in the caking industry, even complicated patterns like QR codes can be printed quickly and accurately. This guarantees that the QR codes are scannable and recognizable by QR code scanners.

2. QR codes for vouchers

On National Cake Day, cake shops can offer QR codes on vouchers for their bestseller cakes and other selected items.

Discounts, vouchers, and complimentary drinks, among others, are always a sure way to encourage people to make a purchase. This can increase your daily sales performance during the celebration.

There are plenty of possible integrations for QR codes on vouchers. They can be placed on the menu, counter, table, storefront, coasters, and more!

QR codes on vouchers are also effective in increasing returning customers! When they reach a certain amount on their purchase, you can give them a coupon or discount to be claimed on their next purchase. With discounts, they have something to look forward to returning to the cake shop.

3. QR codes on the packaging

QR codes can also be placed on the packaging for products to be taken to go! There is plenty of information that can be embedded into the packaging.

The QR code on the packaging can lead to the menu, so customers can easily order the next time they purchase. It can also lead to the cake shop’s page on third-party delivery apps like Postmates and Uber Eats.

Most importantly, QR codes on the packaging can include the product’s list of ingredients and allergens. This informs customers of precisely what they consume in their bodies, which can be especially crucial for those maintaining their diet.

4. QR codes for contactless payments

QR codes for contactless payments are efficient and popular, which is all the more important during a busy day like National Cake Day. The great thing is that most people know how QR codes for contactless payments work, so there’s little to no learning curve for customers.

Most mobile wallets and banking apps also have a QR code generation option in their app options. Cake shops can quickly generate QR codes with just a few smartphone taps. At the same time, customers can scan these codes with just one quick scan.

QR codes for contactless payments can be placed on the menu QR code or receipts. Once they’re done with their meal, customers can immediately scan QR codes and go on with their day afterward.


Connect with customers and engage through the busy crowd during National Cake Day with these fun ideas.

Use a QR code menu software to serve customers during this special holiday.


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