How To Know About Your Kbc Lottery Number Check

You will have to enter the winner’s cell phone number and lottery number to know about your KBC lottery number check online. Here is how you can do that.

Feel free to call KBC Corporate headquarters number 001918844474 if you are unaware of verifying lottery applications for KBC. You may access various kinds of lotteries info and register to KBC relevant material digitally by dialing this KBC headquarters number.

What Is The Best Way To Play Kbc With JIO? 

Reliance  JIO is known for startling its clients. Jio finally allows you to win prizes and offers from the comfort of your own home. Everything that you can do is watch the KBC program and address questions. Isn’t it fantastic? In case you own a JIO SIM card, you may use the JioChat smartphone app to play KBC from the comfort of your couch. Submit the correct answer, and you’ll be entered to win one of several enticing prizes. The great part is how you can join and enjoy the game right on your phone as the game is being broadcast on television. In order to win rewards under this latest JIO promotion, you must select the correct answer in your smartphone app.

How Do You Get Selected For KBC?

In order to enter into KBC, you first need the Play Store or Apple Itunes Store to install the SonyLIV app. To participate in KBC – Play Along, you do not need to register for a SonyLIV app. It should be noted, however, that the App users have accessibility to additional perks, mostly in the form of rewards

On the web page, click Play-Along. Then you may enroll and manage your account using the Play-Along. In addition, you may also use English or Hindi to pick your preferred language.

In order to enter KBC, you ought to be above Eighteen as well as a resident of India.

Before registering for KBC, please ensure you comply with most of the laws and regulations. When queries are posed about KBC registration on TV, they are shown on the smartphone screen. In the allocated time frame, you must pick the correct response to your question. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t be off the KBC app – Play-Along.

However, you will still have the choice of playing the following questions, even if you are not capable of providing the correct answer or lost some minutes. You must send a reply, and the computer will not accept your reply if you leave a blank space.  You can get points from every correct answer you submitted.

You can even have a single lifeline during KBC – Play Along, which you can spend throughout the game at any moment. This lifeline will not be available to non-subscribers. This season’s KBC event gives you the chance to earn 500 points by selecting the appropriate answer for questions on Fastest Fingers First.

You may now assemble your team alongside relatives and friends throughout the thirteenth season by using a KBC – Play-Along team tool. With a maximum of 10 persons, you can add a minimum amount of 3 members to your team. The best scoring team may earn at least a lac.


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