How to Know It’s the Right Time to Switch Your Payroll Software?

The world is getting rid of huge record-keeping books and trying to minimize the volume with digital gadgets with the passage of time. You must have observed that in offices, the monster paper bindings have been replaced with desktop computers and laptops that have the ability to absorb thousands of books into a small memory drive.

Similarly, the work of the HR department has been reduced up to a great extent as many companies now use payroll software programs. If you already use one, you must be aware of its benefits.

Having said that, not every payroll software solution is suitable for every business. Using the wrong one can do the opposite – make things difficult for HR personnel. Here’s how you can know if you’re using the wrong software and it is time to change it:

It Only Offers Payroll Support

If the software you currently use only offers payroll support, it’s time to bid adieu to it. Top payroll software solutions, such as Netchex, come with various advanced features. They can help to manage various other aspects of your business as well. For example, Netchex assists with tax management, recruiting and onboarding, time and attendance management, etc.

Using such a program can make your business operations more seamless, easy and hassle-free. It will eliminate the need for using different tools and programs as you will be able to do everything on a single portal.

It Doesn’t Come with Customer Support

It’s of utmost importance for your payroll software to offer you customer support. Even if you are a tech expert, you may end up being stuck somewhere while using this program. Or there’s a possibility that you need help with using certain features. Not knowing where to get help can land you in a troublesome condition. The software wouldn’t serve its purpose.

To avoid this from happening, find payroll software for accountants that comes with customer support services. It doesn’t have to be 24/7, but a quick response should definitely be on your checklist.

It’s Not Online

In today’s time and age, everything is online. And your payroll software shouldn’t be an exception.

There are many benefits of using online payroll software. It will provide you with easy access even if you are not in your office. Furthermore, your employees will also be able to check details pertaining to their salaries remotely. The data is stored in the cloud; therefore, there are no storage or memory issues as well.

To put it simply, payroll software that is not online have become a thing of the past.

It’s Sluggish

The purpose of using payroll software programs is to get quick and accurate results. If the software you use is sluggish, it doesn’t fit the bill. You need to quit using it and look for the one that offers instant output. Furthermore, look for a program that comes with an easy interface that isn’t very difficult to use. A payroll program too complicated to use can pose difficulties for your HR personnel. They will first have to get trained to use this program and then obtain its benefits. This certainly will waste a lot of their time.

It Only Facilitates Small Companies

There are many small company payroll software programs that can only facilitate organizations with a limited number of staff. However, it’s not a wise decision to stick with it, as you will have to ultimately choose another one when you plan to expand your company.

Also, payroll software suitable for bigger companies come with advanced features that can help in managing your business.

It Costs You a Lot

It’s a general misconception that payroll software programs are quite expensive. However, this isn’t exactly the case. You can easily find a program that’s easy on your budget. Netchex is one of them. It also offers personalized packages.

So, if your payroll software is costing you a lot or giving you a tough time, it’s time to ditch it and use Netchex instead. This is one decision you certainly wouldn’t regret.


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