How to locate an IP address and understand whose it is in simple steps

What is an IP address? Let’s start by pointing out that it is a numerical code that is used by each device to be able to surf the web and communicate effectively in a local network. Can an IP address be traced? Today, we will see how to locate it and how to understand in which position the device that uses it is.

Locate an IP address

Compared to a few years ago, there are several methods for locating an IP address, and we add that locating a person by relying on his IP address, which is usually visible to anyone, is something extremely easy. Here is the most popular method in circulation to be able to locate an IP address without consulting private investigators or forensic technicians.

Have you ever heard of WolframAlpha? Simply connect to the WolframAlpha site, which allows you to do a quick search directly from your Home. By correctly typing an IP address in the appropriate search bar, you will have the location where the subject is located and the name of the Internet service provider. Obviously, there are many other sites and programs that allow you to trace the IP address. The one we have chosen is among the most used ones.

Online tools to locate an IP address

As already mentioned above, there are also other web tools that allow you to trace an IP address.

IP Location

By typing the user’s IP address to be tracked on IP Location ( you can get data from different IP location services. The site gives information not only on the IP address: it will also be possible to have information on the ISP that manages it, coordinates to find the IP address, and some technical data.

What’s my IP address

With the IP lookup services of, any person can have any information on the public data relating to the IP address to be traced: the telephone provider, type of connectivity, the city in which it should be traced – with postal code – and correct geographical coordinates. Not a bad free service.

Three sites allowing you to geolocate a user’s IP address

Also in this case the vast world of the Internet comes to our rescue. Here are three sites that allow you to geolocate a user’s IP address in no time at all. It should be noted, however, that these tools do not guarantee 100% perfection.

A well-designed site that has all the essentials including geographic geolocation of an IP address.

One of the best geographic localization services for your IP address.

By accessing the site it is possible to find a lot of useful information including the geolocation of the IP.

We can also trace an IP address from an email

To find the IP address of the sender of an email, you need to open it and follow the instructions that we are now giving you. Depending on the mail client you use, the procedure varies. In any case, the IP address is the one you find near the Received from the heading of the report.

– Apple Mail: First of all, you need to select the reference email, then point to the wording seen from the menu bar, then move the cursor to the message item and opt for source format.

– Gmail: Click the arrow button located exactly at the top right of the small message box before selecting the wording Show original from the next menu that opens.

– Yahoo Mail! Even with Yahoo Mail the procedure to follow is very easy. Open the reference email, click on the other menu, located at the top right, and then click on View full header.

– Outlook Express: the steps to follow are very easy for everyone. You must first select the property wording from the file menu and, in the next window, go to the details tab and click on the original message button.

Of course, the knowledge in this article is not meant to turn you into a cyber-criminal. Use wisely!

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