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How to maintain the heating and air conditioning of your car?

Imagine a winter without heating or summer without maintaining car air conditioning: nothing very encouraging! Key elements of your comfort in the car, it is recommended to check their operating condition regularly. Our advice is so that the temperature in the passenger compartment always remains ideal.

For optimal heating

Beyond comfort, heating plays a role in your safety in the car. It helps to improve your visibility on the road by demisting the windshield. To avoid the breakdown, here are the points to check.

1. Watch the fan

Regularly check the fuses, power cables, and electric motor. It is also advisable to run the fan regularly to limit clogging, especially in autumn when the leaves start to fall and accumulate.

2. Choose the appropriate heating mode for conditioning

There are generally three modes of heating in cars:

  • Ventilation: the outside air is drawn in, then injected into the passenger compartment. To ensure the good air quality in the passenger compartment, prefer the intake of outside air rather than the “air recirculation” mode. This last function is nevertheless to be privileged when you are in the middle of very dense traffic or a tunnel, but for a short time only;
  • Eco: low consumption, this mode allows you to gradually heat the passenger compartment thanks to the heat generated by the battery;
  • Comfort: more energy-consuming than eco mode, it is more powerful and heats the passenger compartment more quickly in extreme cold.

The Total tip

A colder interior, faster! To obtain this result, first of all, keep your windows open: turn on the ventilation, then the air conditioning. When the air coming out of the ventilators becomes cold: close the windows. First, choose the internal air recirculation. A few minutes later, switch to the outside air, which helps defog the windows better. But be careful. If the temperature difference between the outside and the passenger compartment exceeds 10 ° C, you are good for colds and risk cracking your windows!

Room Conditioning Tip: Use wood slabs furniture to protect your AC.

For a cool Car air conditioning

The auto air conditioning on the Gold Coast provides undeniable comfort when the temperatures rise. Nevertheless, it is greedy in fuel! Only turn it on when the heat is likely to interfere with your driving and maintain it throughout the year. It is better to roll the windows open in town and at low speed than to turn on the air conditioning. This will allow you to save fuel.

1. Recharge the refrigerant of Car AC

Is your air conditioning blowing lukewarm air? It is probably time to top up the refrigerant. Guaranteeing fresh air in the passenger compartment, this gas evaporates by around 20% each year. As a general rule, recharging is necessary every 2 years, but remember to check every spring to avoid unpleasant surprises. Here’s recommended to call a professional.

2. Change the cabin filter every year

Do you smell a weird smell when you turn on your air conditioning? There is a good chance that it comes from the humidity in the circuit, with all the inconveniences this involves bacteria, molds, and fungi. So, change the cabin filter without delay! To find out where it is, refer to your vehicle’s manual.Read more about tamilmv

3. Disinfect the circuit

To prevent the proliferation of bacteria, turn on the ventilation (but not the air conditioning!), Remove the filter and spray a bactericidal and fungicidal product through the grille.More info click here f95zone

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Did you know?

Running the air conditioning in winter is very useful! Starting it every two weeks for 15 minutes makes it possible to lubricate the seals and maintain a good system seal. This will also allow you to defog your windshield.visit here tamilmv


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