How to Maintain Your Fitness Levels While Enjoying the Holiday Season

Christmas is a fantastic time of the year. It’s filled with magic, excitement, and of course, plenty of indulgent food and drink. Most of us are looking forward to Christmas parties, festive dinners, our favorite chocolates and treats, and plenty of time on the couch watching Christmas movies and enjoying relaxation with our friends and families. But if you’ve been training all year, or you are working towards a big goal or event, you might worry about how this rest and indulgence will affect your fitness levels. Here are some tips to help you to maintain your fitness levels while enjoying the festive season.

Hit the Gym

The weather often holds us back at this time of the year. You might not find the idea of a long run as appealing when there’s frost on the ground, and you certainly shouldn’t go out when conditions are dangerous. So, why not work out in a nice warm gym? Look for an Etage Pittsburgh Gym Near Me, and think about working with a personal trainer to help you to stay on track.

Go for Winter Hikes

If you can bear to brave the outdoors, winter hikes are a fantastic way to enjoy some exercise over the holidays. You can hike with friends and family, and unlike when you run, you can enjoy their company and conversation. But while hiking can be a rest for some of your muscles, you might find that you work some that don’t normally get much attention.

Indulge in Moderation

If you are worried about your fitness levels over the holidays but want to be able to enjoy all of your favorite treats, moderation is key. Have a little of what you fancy, when you fancy it, without making yourself unhappy by saying no. This kind of freedom means that you’ll be more likely to stop when you are full and less likely to binge. Try to deny yourself, and you risk eating more than ever.

Enjoy Short, Regular Sessions

You might be short on time over the holidays. But remember, all exercise counts. If you don’t have time for a full session, instead go for a few short jogs, or practice a short home workout when you get up and go for a walk after dinner. Little and often can be as beneficial as longer, less frequent sessions, and even short workouts will help to reduce any loss of fitness.

Enjoy Those Veggies

A fantastic way to limit fatty foods, while making sure your body gets all of the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to stay strong is to fill your plate with veggies at mealtimes.

Work Out with Friends

Whether you are hiking, jogging, or going to the gym, doing it with friends means that you are more likely to go and that you’ll be able to spend time catching up and enjoying yourself while you exercise.

Remember, no one loses fitness or gains a lot of weight because of a week’s rest and overindulgence, and there’s nothing wrong with taking time off to enjoy yourself. If you do completely forget to work out, don’t punish yourself, just get back to it when you can.


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