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How to make a logo in Turbologo

More than tens of thousands of companies use Turbologo logos. There are many well-known labels in the world that stand out from the general mass, attract with their external design and carry a unique meaning. A properly designed logo will help build your company up against the background of competitors. Such an emblem gives a sense of stability and quality for many years. A well-designed logo should attract attention, carry the company’s ideology and its purpose. The logo is what the customer should remember first. 

What is Turbologo?

Turbologo is an online service where you can create your own logo, even without having special skills. If earlier special organizations and designers were engaged in creating logos for companies, now a brand sign can be developed by an ordinary user in the turbologo service. There are more than 1 million icons and fonts for every taste. The site will solve the issue of logo development and will be a great start to launch your startup. 

Main advantages:

  • The service selects suitable logo options for free in a matter of minutes. Only the files you like are paid separately.
  • A wide range of the base is equipped with all kinds of icons drawn by designers from all over the world.
  • After purchase, you can edit logos for free and download the updated version.
  • A clear and user-friendly interface that even an ordinary man in the street will understand.
  • The permanent support service, which works seven days a week, will help answer any questions about creating logos.

Turbologo functionality and features

Turbologo designer increases the company’s awareness. To use the functionality of the service openly, you need to register. You can create a unique logo by simply specifying the brand name, its slogan and the scope of the business. Choose a color palette, one of the icons related to the subject of the activity and get a ready-made logo. Adjust the text font size, alignment, and letter spacing. Also adapt the brand sign to any printed products. Download the logo in various resolutions and formats, including SVG. Use it to create signage and print on any medium. 

How to make a logo in Turbologo 

You can start creating your own logo right now. The site has a simple and intuitive interface, which is very convenient in the process of use. Such a procedure as creating a logo is carried out in several stages:

  1. It is necessary to specify the name of the company in the input field, as well as the slogan. The latter is indicated at your request
  2. You need to choose the color scheme that, in your opinion, is most suitable for your logo
  3. Next, a set of icons will be presented to your attention, among which you will need to choose those that will be present on your logo. To see suitable icons, you first need to enter a keyword by which the program will select suitable icons for you from a large catalog
  4. An overview of your logo. It is worth noting that before you will be given the opportunity to view the created logo, you must first log into your personal account, for which you will need to register on the site, which will not take up a lot of your personal time. Thanks to registration, you will save the result
  5. In the fifth step, you will have the opportunity to edit the logo, and then download it to your device. You can correct the parameters you previously selected, as well as some others that were not previously mentioned: changing the dimensions of the selected icon, choosing a color and various inscriptions for your logo, determining the distance between letters, choosing the font size, choosing the appropriate font for your logo inscriptions.

Upon completion of the logo editing process, you will be able to make a choice among three tariff plans that differ in cost and set of functionality. 


Turbologo online service will help you to create a unique and high-quality logo for your company without significant spending of budget and time. It is more rational to use the saved funds for the development of the organisation or advertising. This constructor will ideally replace developers and designers due to its accessibility, short-term creation and extensive functionality. The created brand name will become the personification of the organization and will allow your business to reach new levels. And Turbologo will help you with this.

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